You’ve no doubt been told to “dream big!” but you won’t hear that from award-winning entrepreneur and businesswoman Lisa Burlington. In her new book, ‘All It Takes is a Little Gumption,’ she talks about the benefits of dreaming little.

“It’s really important to remember that everyone starts dreaming small,” says Lisa. “As the saying goes: ‘Don’t judge your page 1 against someone else’s page 500.’”

She’s right. The likes of Beyoncé, Barack Obama and Richard Branson didn’t wake up one day and find their blessings bestowed upon them – it took work, yes, but it also took a number of little dreams to achieve their biggest ones.

“I am going to hazard a guess that they all started with some little dreams first; ones that kept their motivation and self-belief levels high, and once achieved, helped contribute to the creation of a life they love living every day,” says Lisa. “That is my wish for the readers of my book – to retrain their mind to dream little.”

We can almost feel the pressure lift off our shoulders already.

“I believe dreams should be attainable, in the scope of your capabilities and reflect where you are right now,” says Lisa. “It doesn’t matter what your current personal situation is; little dreams are relevant to us all because they are a powerful way to get out of the drudgery and into a beautiful space where your heart sings, your face smiles and you simply love being alive.”

Lisa doesn’t want to know about your big dreams – this isn’t the book for those. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t dream big (you absolutely should), but rather that it’s the little dreams that will bring about the most real change.

“From my own life experience I know that a big dream doesn’t change right here, right now,” says Lisa. “They have the very real potential to overwhelm even the most optimistic among us and generate a feeling of apathy because ‘as if that’s ever going to be me’ or ‘as if I’ll ever achieve that’.”

Through her new book, Lisa invites you to join her as she walks you through her personal journey, concentrating on her tumultuous past four years. She will share her challenges, how she overcame them and what led her to this seemingly upside-down strategy.

“The social proof – the validation I’m onto something with my counterintuitive ‘dream little’ philosophy – is my own life and the dramatic, positive change in my reality over just four years,” says Lisa. “ I can show you, through my raw honesty about what happened and what I did, that my approach actually works.”

Don’t get too comfortable though, Lisa warns. Even little dreams require significant effort, commitment and elbow grease. They don’t have legs and arms, and won’t appear out of nowhere.

“The techniques I share openly are those that anyone, regardless of life circumstances, can implement starting today – yes, today,” says Lisa. “I believe showing you my world then and now will be all you need to see that you can do it too.”

Think of Lisa’s book as a personalisable template roadmap that will help you to realise your little dreams.

“Life is a series of moments and we only have right now,” says Lisa, “so why wouldn’t you choose to make this one right now as happy as possible, by dreaming little and changing the dial on your barometer of satisfaction closer to the top of the scale?”

Because dreams are very different for all of us, Lisa offers guidance on what a little dream is, versus a big one. 

The DNA of a Little Dream:

  • It forms one part of a much bigger dream. For example, if you want to start a business, a little dream may be to confirm what you’re offering is viable amongst the target audience; if you want to have a holiday home overseas, a little dream may be to reach a financial target for the deposit.
  • It can be realistically achieved within a year. Any longer than that, forget it – it’s not a little dream, it’s a vague wish.
  • You have all you need at your disposal to make it happen – connections, resources, skills, knowledge and critically, gumption!
  • You whole-heartedly believe it can come true; that you can bring it to fruition.
  • Most importantly of all, when you think about it you get butterflies in your tummy, like you did when Santa was coming the next morning. This is because you can feel it, see it and almost touch it.

Ask yourself: what little dreams do you want to come true in the next year? Now go and grab a notebook and pen and write your ‘little dream wish list’.

“Remember, you’ll know it’s a little dream if you feel like you did on Christmas morning or a similar exciting occasion when you were younger,” says Lisa. “That child-like excitement is always a good sign you’re onto something amazing.”

Pick up your own copy of Lisa Burlington’s ‘All It Takes is a Little Gumption’ from all good book retailers and online at www.newhollandpublishers.com.



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