Phones have become an extension of ourselves haven’t they? They come everywhere with us and get whipped out at any opportunity. We spend so much time on them that we can be inadvertently contributing to neck problems.

So what should we do? Phones aren’t going away anytime soon, so here are my top 5 tips to avoid modern day neck pain.

  1. Be aware of your posture when sitting. This means sitting upright.
  2. Take regular breaks from the one position. I recommend getting up every hour for 1-2 minutes just to give your postural muscles a mini break.
  3. Hold your phone about 30cm away from your face, angled down around 45 degrees. Do not sit on the couch with your phone in your lap and neck craned down.
  4. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed when you are sitting. This is as simple as shrugging your shoulders up towards your ears and then letting them drop naturally to a resting position. Tense shoulders put undue strain on our neck muscles.
  5. Don’t let your chin jut forward in the sitting position. Under the weight of gravity our neck likes to flex forward. Many of us compensate by tilting our chins forward and up. This can result in the dowagers hump. To combat this, try and keep your chin at 90 degrees to your neck.

By being aware of your posture and how long you are spending on your device, you can take steps to prevent the modern day text neck.

If all this fails, you can also just put your phone away!

Yasmin Matthews

Yasmin Matthews  

Yasmin Matthews is a qualified Osteopath and has owned and operated Allied Health clinics with her husband for nearly 20 years. She has three school aged kids who keep her on her toes. ​​With a love of all things pampering, she is on a mission to inspire others to prioritise their own health and wellbeing // www.pampersampler.com