We’re delving into how nutrition, exercise and sleep can help you be “successful in a suit”. It’s extremely important to understand that the way we care for our body, impacts our performance at work and in life.


Ask yourself, is the office slowing you down? Are you sitting down all day with a high profile, demanding job, not to mention managing employees and trying to remember to eat your lunch?


Well then first thing’s first – you need to work out what YOU stand for. Is your aim to help others? Well then you must first help yourself. You must keep yourself at the top of the priority list in order to be on your A-game to help and influence others. Keep your health as your number one priority. You don’t want to become one of those successful entrepreneurs that get to the age of fifty and have a heart attack or are exposed to a range of other health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even early mortality.


Let’s just say, after years of training many successful business owners, I understand a thing or two about what makes the best of the best.


1. Eat to fuel the brain:

  • Start the day with a “Meat & Nut Breakfast” – real brains need real food.
  • Studies show that consuming red meat for breakfast will kick start your neurotransmitters, giving you more concentration throughout the day.
  • Healthy fats from the nuts will also give you a steady rise in blood sugar levels, to help curve the afternoon crash leading to sugar cravings.
  • Meal timing is essential – sticking to a meal plan is not realistic as unplanned meetings and events may steer your day. It’s important to have a meal guide and know you can eat during your day.
  • Waking up with a coffee, followed by sushi for lunch and a microwave dinner is not going to cut it. I suggest taking two meals and a snack to work, and always eat before you have your first coffee otherwise it will suppress your appetite for the day.
  • As a general guide, start the day with a “Meat & Nut Breakfast” followed by three more meals spread out through your day.


2. Exercise brings to life new innovative ideas & time to think away from the office:

  • It is extremely important to incorporate training into your daily routine. In fact, many influential people such as President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban all make conscious efforts to keep in shape.
  • Training can consist of circuit, strength or cardio training, even your favourite sports.
  • The most beneficial training for your body is going to be weight training as this helps to improve posture, keep your body strong (especially if you sit down all day) and also releases the most beneficial hormones that we are going to take a closer look into now…
  • Exercise is the fun and easy part to releasing your “feel-good” hormones.
  • Your brain starts releasing dopamine after just a few minutes. This release makes you more alert, focused and improves your concentration. To top it all off, it makes training more fun!
  • Serotonin is a hormonal antagonist to dopamine and has many functions. This next hormone, among other things, is involved in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle and body temperature; it controls appetite and lowers pain sensitivity. When it releases it leads to a feeling of inner satisfaction, hence why it is primarily known as a feel-good hormone.


3. Sleep to recover, reset & refocus:

  • Sleep is imperative – I often ask my clients how well they sleep? The general response is good, but then I ask how many times they wake up? They say three to four times a night and think it is normal; unfortunately it’s not. Interrupted sleep leads to feeling sluggish all day.
  • If this is you, a few simple supplements like GABA and magnesium will fix your sleep in its track and leave you feeling better than before.
  • These supplements will give you a new sense of energy which you can combine with training and you will sleep like a baby for a full seven hours, at least.
  • Ask yourself how well do YOU sleep? You can download a sleep app and test your sleep for a few nights to track your movements.


We hope this gives you a taste of how to be “successful in suit” and simply enhance your life and well-being.


If you need more help with nutrition, meal ideas or training advice – check out Uber Shape’s Nutrition for Training Guide, available now.


Coby van den Ende

Coby van den Ende  

As Director & Founder of Uber Shape, I believe that creating your dream is a journey and a matter of choice. We are each accountable for our lifestyle and should be wholeheartedly indebted to it, remembering that it is important to make the right life choices in order to reach your goals. Over the last 7 years, I have been passionate about what we do. Uber Shape is focused on revolutionising the fitness industry and I am proud to be a part of the movement! // www.ubershape.com.au