Father’s Day is just around the corner, so instead of the usual breakfast in bed, I thought I would share with you a way to create a beautiful picnic that is simple yet beautiful and include a checklist of things so you don’t forget anything! This is a great way to make Dad feel special and create lovely memories!

If you plan a picnic and it rains, do not stress! Lounge room picnics can be just as fun!

What you will need for a successful picnic:

  • 1 x rug or blanket or large towel
  • Knifes/ Forks
  • Serving tray
  • Sharp knife (for cheeses etc)
  • Cups and plates
  • Rubbish bag
  • Ice pack or cold bag
  • Food (Duh! See below for my favourite ideas for picnic food)
  • Fresh Flowers or herbs (To pretty up your plate or picnic space)
  • Bottled drinks (Alcoholic or non – alcoholic the choice is yours)
  • Bottle opener
  • Music (optional but sets a nice mood. I either play off my phone or a small portable Bluetooth speaker)
  • Battery operated tea light candles (Optional but a great mood setter. Can be purchased from the cheap shop for $2 and look great for a sunset picnic or night time lounge room picnic)
  • 1 x sunscreen (If it’s a daytime picnic)
  • 1 x bug spray
  • 1 x pack baby wipes or disposable towelettes for fresh hands
  • (Cushions and wine glasses optional)

We added some personalised balloons with a message to Dad from Lovely Occasions for our picnic to make it that extra bit special!

My Favourite Picnic Food
These are some of my favourite foods to pack…

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Dips and breads
  • Cold meats
  • Cold quiches
  • Ciabatta bread rolls filled with a filling of your choice (I love to wrap them in brown paper with string for an added touch)
  • BBQ Chicken and bread rolls
  • Rice Paper Rolls
  • Sushi
  • Savoury and sweet muffins
  • Donuts
  • Strawberries and Nutella
  • Fruit platter
  • Or grab some takeaway food from your nearby location on the way to your picnic! Easy!

Outside picnics are good for the soul. Being in nature is grounding and a great way to clear your mind.
A picnic in the daytime is a great way to get some vitamin D too. Be sure to find a shady spot though and bring sunscreen and a hat so you don’t get sunburnt. (Because moderation…)

Get your feet on the grass/ sand/ earth/ water in some way during your picnic and see the mood lift. Do not forget to take lots of photos!

And if it rains embrace it! Either dance in the rain, or set up that lounge room picnic I mentioned and don’t ever let the weather ruin your plans!

Happy Picnic Love!!
(Please note that this picnic can take place on any occasion and it is not just for Fathers Day)

  • Balloons supplied by Lovely Occasions
  • Rug and platter from Kmart
  • Cushions from Target
  • Vintage Drink Holder from the local Op Shop
Natalie Faulkner

Natalie Faulkner  

Natalie has been to more than her fair share of children’s birthday parties, thousands in fact! With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, and a passion for entertaining young and old, Natalie is the director of fun for kids entertainment company Strawberry Fundaes Kids Parties. She also loves to throw a dinner party, set up a fabulous picnic or just chat about mum life/character life in general. Check out her party hacks and entertainment tips (to take the stress out of your next party) on her blog // www.lovedbynatty.com