I absolutely love parties, entertaining and a bit of DIY. There are so many fun party options but sometimes they can get a bit expensive.

I have created a super budget friendly party backdrop using coloured plastic table cloths! It is really easy to do and very cost effective. Backdrops really set the scene for a party and create a spot for people to take photos.

They can be a nice way to present your food or cake table too! I bought my table cloths from Spotlight but could also be made with material or lace for a softer look which would look great for boho style parties, corporate events or even weddings too!

What you will need

  • 3-4 plastic tablecloths. These can be bought from Spotlight, the local discount store or a party shop. I recommend choosing a variety of colours, to add depth and character to your backdrop.
  • 3-4 tablecloths will be enough for two rows but it would look even more effective with three so feel free to add more than what I have created here.
  • Some twine – any twine or string will do.
  • Balloons to match the colours of the tassels.
  • Tape – make sure you get one that is safe for walls or masking tape.
  • Scissors.

How to create

  1. Cut the tablecloth in lengths that are the same length as the table cloth width and then about 4-5cm across (I keep my tablecloth folded so I can cut two at once). Do this to all the tablecloths so you have lots of strips ready to go.
  2. Cut your twine in two lengths and stick to the wall like a small letter w (kind of a wave shape). You could also go straight across but I just chose to do mine this way.
  3. Loop each tassel over and back through on itself so it is attached to the twine. Repeat all the way across, changing the colours out after about 5 or 6 tassels (this is not compulsory – create whatever pattern of colours you like!)
  4. Add the second layer the same as above (and a third if you like). TIP: you can make these without sticking to the wall. I made my second layer by tying the twine to a clothes horse and then transferred to the wall when I was finished. It made it easy to keep stable.
  5. Add balloons across the top and even add streamers if you like.

And then voila! You have a super instagrammable spot to take party photos! It is bright and fun and encourages everyone to group together for a pic!

If you are careful, you can take it down and store in a box to use for your next party or event!

Have fun creating your special party backdrop and don’t forget to tag @havenhub and @nattyfaulks so we can see your creation!

Natalie Faulkner

Natalie Faulkner  

Natalie has been to more than her fair share of children’s birthday parties, thousands in fact! With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, and a passion for entertaining young and old, Natalie is the director of fun for kids entertainment company Strawberry Fundaes Kids Parties. She also loves to throw a dinner party, set up a fabulous picnic or just chat about mum life/character life in general. Check out her party hacks and entertainment tips (to take the stress out of your next party) on her blog // www.lovedbynatty.com