Are you the type of woman who puts off swimwear shopping until there are just two threads holding your bikini together? It can be a painful chore, right? If you don’t take on the swimsuit-buying mission with the right headspace, the mission generally ends in disappointment, frustration and sometimes even self-loathing. Queensland Swimwear Company makes the mission possible.


Hello January. It’s been a long time. Twelve months, in fact. Oh, how we’ve missed your charm, your sunny disposition and your warm embrace. While January traditionally signals the summer holidays are here, it also reiterates swimsuit season. Love or loathe wearing your togs, having an expert guide you on the best swimwear for your body shape should be something every woman does at least once in her lifetime.


Queensland Swimwear Company (QSC) was founded by Leigh Mason of Brisbane. An international garment technologist with 30 years’ experience, Leigh has worked for some of the biggest names in the United Kingdom’s high streets and has even designed a shapewear collection for Beverley Hills celebrity cosmetic surgeon and reality TV star Dr Robert Rey (‘Dr 90210’) that was sold all over the United States. In a previous role, Leigh was also regularly flown to Florida to be an expert garment fitter behind the scenes of the Home Shopping Network.


To say Leigh knows women’s bodies would be an understatement, which is why she decided to launch her own swimwear label – to assist us ‘real women’ show off our assets and disguise any areas that we might want to downplay.


2076-QSC15 copy“You can make yourself look two sizes bigger than what you really are just by choosing the wrong swimsuit,” Leigh explains. “And you need to buy your swimwear dependent on where and how you’ll wear it. Do you like to swim in the surf or are you just wanting to look great on a lounge beside the resort pool? There’s not one pair of shoes to suit every occasion – you wouldn’t wear your stilettos to the gym or your runners to a grand ball. There are different swimwear styles for different purposes as well.”


Leigh is a big proponent of comfort as well as style and her main goal is to help any women, whatever their size, feel comfortable and therefore confident in her swimwear. Leigh is passionate about keeping the QSC brand and approach authentic. She refuses to digitally enhance photos of models in her garments and prefers to use ‘realistic’ product models in her online store including Gold Coast radio personality Emily-Jade O’Keeffe. QSC is proudly manufactured here in Australia from sustainable fabrics.


Here are Leigh’s top tips to choosing swimwear, considering the most common female body concerns:


For the fuller bust

Fit is especially important for larger-busted women. Choose styles with support and those in specific cup sizes or with strong inner shelf liners, like QSC swimwear. To disguise a fuller bust, wear a darker colour on top. To highlight a great cleavage, wear bright prints and colours and choose a halter-style top.


For the smaller bust

Most styles are suitable for a smaller bust but to really enhance your bust, go for bright colours, large prints and horizontal stripes. Bandeau shapes are great, or try a halter shape in a bright print.


For tummy, hips and thighs

To disguise your tummy, choose darker colours or darker bold prints. Matching a plain bottom with a printed top draws the eye upwards and away from your mid section. Look out for swimwear, like QSC’s range, that contains powermesh lining for extra tummy control. A ruched fabric finish also helps hide bumps.


Smaller bottom and hips

To enhance and widen your hips, choose prints, vertical stripes or bright colours. Great styles for those with smaller hips are the hipster pant or boy-leg bottoms.



It’s all about your waist when you’re an hourglass so choose styles to show it off. A one-piece can look fantastic on a fuller-busted hourglass shape while tummy-control linings help sculpt the waist area. Halter necklines will help show off a great cleavage. If wearing a two-piece, keep the top and bottom in proportion. For example, avoid a full covering top with a skimpy pant.


2212-QSC15 copyStraight or athletic figure

You are able to wear most swimwear styles so choose bold prints or stripes to draw attention to your bust and hips, and away from your waist. A halter style will enhance your bust and give you a curvier frame. Boy-legs and one-pieces are perfect for this shape.


Shorter body

Body length bears no relation to height so you may still be really tall yet have a short torso. Choosing a two-piece style will give you a better fit. A hipster pant with lower rise will lengthen your body. A bikini top and pant showing off your waist and providing space between your top and bottom sections will also give a longer body effect. Avoid boy-leg styles and horizontal stripes, as these will just shorten your legs.


Longer body

A full pant with a higher rise is best here. Team it with a top of equal proportions to balance your shape. Avoid low hipster pants as they will just make your body look longer.


If you have a specific question about swimwear fit, Leigh is happy to help haven readers out via info@queenslandswimwear.com.au or visit www.queenslandswimwear.com.au


Visit www.queenslandswimwear.com.au


Belinda Glindemann

Belinda Glindemann  

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