If you thought cheese platters couldn’t get any better, think again. Here, we show you how to put together a Halloween-inspired platter for the ultimate seasonal treat (or trick…).

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, a spook-tacular grazing platter is the ultimate appetizer. A smorgasbord of cheese and crackers, breads and dips, fruit and meat, sweet, savoury and a little bit spooky, they quite literally cater to everyone.

The number one rule of cheese platters is that there are no rules – the more creative you get with your garnishes, the better (especially during the spooky season). There are, however, a few key elements you’ll probably want to include and some good tips to keep in mind.

For amazing grazing, ensure you remember the following:

  1. Suit your season: In this case, Halloween. Start with a dark, moody platter and add all of your basics before going crazy with the Halloween-themed treats (more on those in a moment).
  2. Mix and match: It’s important to have a good range on your platter. Cheddar can sit beside camembert, and chocolate can go next to crackers. Remember, this will either kick off or be the main meal served at your event so try to include something for everyone.
  3. Take it up a notch: Instead of slapping a store-bought brie onto your platter, why not brush it with some honey and cranberry jam (uhhh, we mean “blood”) and bake it for five minutes? Rather than serving the dips in their original plastic containers, transfer them to Halloween-themed bowls. You don’t have to go over the top – a few little improvements here and there will make for an amazing finished product.
  4. Make a centrepiece: This is especially fun at Halloween. A carved pumpkin or dead flowers is a more subtle, seasonal approach, but you could also go with a creepy candelabra or even a plastic skull. Get creative!
  5. Decorations: They’re perhaps the most fun part of creating a grazing platter, so let your imagination run wild! Twigs and dried flowers are a pretty take on Halloween decor, while coloured napkins and bowls are more functional. Of course, it isn’t a Halloween feast without lollies, so scatter a few sweet treats. Oh, and don’t forget to buy some fake spiders and cobwebs…

Our five fave Halloween grazing platter recipes…



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