It’s the most important meal of the day, yet also one that many of us tend to skip when our mornings get crazy or we have too much running around to do.

We know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but there are so many reasons you should keep breakfast as part of your daily routine. It can positively impact your energy levels, boost your productivity and can even help you maintain your healthy eating habits long term.

But how can we stick to it? To help, we asked nutritionist and mum of three Kathleen Alleaume her tips for nailing a nutritious breakfast – whether you’ve got five, 10 or 15 minutes to prepare it in.

What makes a balanced breakfast?
“A nourishing and well-rounded breakfast will contain a balanced combination of whole grain carbohydrates – contributing to your daily fibre intake, combined with a serve of protein,” says Kathleen. “Choosing a breakfast with both fibre and protein are key nutrients for staying energised, setting you up for better eating habits for the rest of the day.”

Got 15 minutes?

  • A bowl of porridge using whole grain rolled oats topped with yoghurt, fruit and a sprinkle of nuts or seeds. 
  • If you prefer a savoury breakfast, scramble two eggs and add chopped vegetables to make an omelette. Try chopped capsicum, mushroom or feta and serve with a slice of wholegrain toast. To save more time, chop extra veg while preparing dinner the night before to use the following morning.

Got 10 minutes?

  • Boil or poach two eggs and serve with one slice of wholegrain toast and avocado. To save more time, boil your eggs the night before.
  • A bowl of whole grain cereal topped with milk and fruit. Start by choosing a cereal that is rich in fibre — a nutrient to support digestive health. Look for 7g of fibre per serve.
  • Overnight oats. Top your soaked oats (prepared the night before) with chopped fruit salad, Greek yoghurt and a topping of mixed nuts and seeds.

Got 5 minutes?

  • Whip up a smoothie using quality ingredients like milk, fruit, nut butters and leafy green vegetables. Frozen fruit or vegetable cubes are just as nutritious and handy for making a quick smoothie. For an added protein boost you can add a scoop of protein powder. 
  • Healthy, on-the-go options can still fit the breakfast bill. High-fibre options such as UNCLE TOBYS Breakfast Bakes contain the same amount of whole grain oats as a bowl of porridge (based on a 34g Original Quick Sachet). Pair with a piece of fruit and bottle of water to ensure the whole family gets a healthy kick start to the day.

More time-saving tips
“On top of preparing as much as possible the night before, ensure that your breakfast eating habit becomes a no-brainer,” says Kathleen.

It may help to limit weekday breakfast to two options: high-fibre, whole grain cereal and fruit, or whole grain toast with boiled eggs and yoghurt.

Then enjoy other options on the weekend, or use this time to prepare savoury muffins, whole grain pancakes and breakfast frittatas. These items freeze well and can be defrosted the night before and be used in school lunches. 

“This eliminates indecision, while ensuring everyone starts the day with goodness in their tummies,” says Kathleen.



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