From scraped knees to food stains, kids’ clothes go through the wringer – so it feels as though they need to be replaced more often than our own. But there are plenty of ways you can give your kids’ rundown pieces new life, even after they’ve outgrown them. Here’s how.

Make do and mend

Constantly trying to replace your children’s worn out clothes is an uphill battle. Why not mend them instead? Of course, not every busy parent has the time to sit and stitch holes and patches on their kids’ clothes, but did you know that there are brands that do it for you? Take Goldie + Ace for example – their new mending service keeps kids’ clothing in action for longer and reduces waste output and water usage. Whether it’s a busted zipper, rip, tear, lost button, or pull, they mend any original Goldie + Ace garment for free – all you need to do is cover the delivery cost and launder the garment prior to handing it over to them. The garment will then be personally mended by the Goldie + Ace team and sent back to the customer ready to be worn for further years to come.


Who doesn’t love a good hand-me-down? Younger siblings – and even younger cousins – will know the highs and lows of hand-me-down life; opening that garbage bag (why were they always in a garbage bag?!) full of treasures and digging through to see which clothes their older family members have decided to bestow upon them. It’s truly a rite of passage. No child should grow up without experiencing the feeling of inheriting a killer piece of kit from their cool older sibling, cousin or neighbour, and wearing it proudly to their next free dress day to be the envy of all their friends. Keep the hand-me-down tradition alive.

Off to market

If you haven’t got a young child to give hand-me-downs to in your world, or you’d prefer to get more bang for your buck (or rather, buck for your buck) than simply give your kids’ clothes away (we get it, they’re exxy), why not sell them at a market? There are so many local markets that offer rack sale components, and it couldn’t be easier to get involved. All you’ll need are plenty of coat hangers and a clothes rack (or even a suitcase, if you go for the Suitcase Rummage!) and a stash of your kids’ unwanted clothes. Just make sure they’re in good enough condition to sell, and give them all a good wash first. It’s market etiquette.



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