You’re constantly being told to support small businesses, but do you know the best ways to do it? Showing support to the businesses in your area – and all over the country, for that matter – goes beyond simply spending with them, especially during these uncertain times. Here are a few ways to be a good, small business customer.

Keep ordering, even in lockdown

You no doubt know that your local restaurant offers delivery, but have you checked to see whether your favourite boutique or book shop offers the same? Whether you’re in lockdown or not, shopping via delivery or pick up is a great way to stay safe while still supporting your local.

Share your favourites

We all tell our friends or family when we have a great experience with a business, but have you ever thought about sharing your thoughts on social media, too? Your local community Facebook page offers a captive audience of like-minded neighbours and is a great place to start – and always be sure to tag the business where possible!

Buy gift cards or credit

If your favourite shop is temporarily closed but you still want to support them, why not buy a gift card or store credit to spend when they reopen? It’s pretty much a promise that you’ll spend with them when they’re open again, and will put some much-needed cash in the business owner’s pocket.

Find out their other ventures

Chat to the owners of your favourite spots to find out whether they have any other businesses or services you can use – their restaurant may have a sister cafe nearby, or the owner of your favourite clothes’ shop may be married to a quality local handyman. They’ll be flattered that you’re eager to support them in more ways than one.

Continue supporting them online

Your gym’s doors may be shut, but if you’ve got the financial means to do so, keep paying your regular membership and give their online offering a try! This can also apply to your child’s tutor, your financial planner, kids’ music classes and so much more.

Choose a donation over a refund

If your financial position means you won’t miss that $30 you had spent on a now-cancelled concert or play, rather than requesting a refund, why not consider that refund a donation? We all know the live music and performance industry needs all the help it can get right now.

Spread the good word

Sharing a good review is one thing, but have you thought of sharing the social media posts from your favourite businesses to let your network know when they’re having a sale, launching a new product/service or unveiling a new menu? It’s another great way to let your friends and family know just how great they really are.



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