There’s no doubt things are a little tricky out there in the current job market. 

With an overwhelming number of candidates for every job, it certainly takes something special to stand out from the crowd and be at the front of the interview queue. 

Have you found yourself unexpectedly in the market for a job? Interview clothes ironed? Resume up to date? Tick tick tick – but there is more to consider as you look for your next step.

Remember that the process of finding a new role, along with your career path, is as individual as you are. You might want to consider four creative tips – most of which you may not have thought of – to help you lock in your next step.

Set your eyes on a role or particular company
Don’t just wait for an advertisement – instead, research the company, approach them about some volunteer work or their work experience program. Also, don’t be afraid to consider related roles. These can sometimes feel like a sideways or backwards step, but in many cases one step back equals two steps forward!  

It’s okay to knock on the door
Approach the company you want to work for and present your resume, in person – just ensure you are polite and clear about your reason for being there. This is technically the first part of the interview process, so dress and speak appropriately. I have more than one story of candidates securing roles by being in the right place at the right time, looking the part and being happy to wait and interview on the spot!

Do your research
If I had a dollar for every candidate who, when asked in an interview, told me they hadn’t even looked at the company’s website. Read the website and get a feel for the company and brand, whether you are door knocking or applying for advertised positions.

Be the real you
Be confident selling your successes and telling your story, but take some time to  build a relationship with the interviewer, too – show an interest in their history and the story of the company. People love a human connection! Don’t wait for them to get back to you, either. The next day, email the interviewer to thank them for their time. This is often a pre-perquisite for advancing to the next stage of the interview process, without you even knowing it.

Overall, the key to finding your next career step is to have a plan and acknowledge it may take a few steps to get there.

Linda Callander

Linda Callander  

Linda Callander has worked in human resources and recruitment for over 20 years and is now the director of hirewell, a company that helps both individuals and small businesses. They often job ready sessions and do one-one-one career coaching and resume writing for job hunters // www.hirewell.com.au