‘Intuition’ is a funny thing – we’re always told to use it, but never really told how to use it. But if anyone is equipped to talk all things intuition, it’s medium, psychic, healer and spirit alignment mentor Tracey Dimech.

When was the last time you said “I just felt it in my gut”, “I knew that was going to happen” or “I dreamt about that last night”? Moreover, how did you respond to those feelings?

“The key to following your intuition is to connect to the way it is ‘speaking’ to you,” says Tracey. “Those who believe they are guided by their intuition are simply more connected to it than those who wonder if they may have missed the memo.”

How in tune you are to receiving guidance will determine how intuitive you believe yourself to be, Tracey says. What’s more, how often you trust it and act on it will determine how intuitively you live your life.

“Your intuition will communicate with you through a feeling, a knowing, a voice or a vision – usually a dream,” says Tracey. “Tapping into your intuition requires an understanding of which of these four you most identify with.”

So, how do you actually get centred and more in tune? Tracey shared her top three tips…

  1. Meditation – “It is my number one every time. It allows you to become quiet (hopefully) and tune in to what you are feeling, thinking, hearing and seeing. Doing this every day for 10 minutes will bring you much closer to recognising your intuition.”
  2. Journaling – “This includes dream journaling. Write down your feelings, thoughts and dreams and then reflect on them each week to see if you can notice anything that would suggest your intuition was guiding you. Look for validations, confirmations, subtle clues that now make sense.”
  3. Daily check-in – “Every morning, have a check in with yourself so you know your starting point. This way, throughout the day if you are to feel strange in that 2pm meeting then you might recognise this as your intuition telling you something might be off. If you suddenly think about that relative you probably need to call and check up on, you might recognise this as your intuition guiding you instead of putting that call off again.”

“Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it grows,” says Tracey. “Making the effort to tap in will see a rise in your confidence in also trusting and acting on the guidance, which leads you to a divinely guided, intuitive life.”



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