The end of summer doesn’t have to spell the end of family beach days – there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the beach during winter! Here’s how to make the most of our backyard, even in the cooler months.

Enjoy more sundowners

Gather your mates, fill the esky and hit the beach around 4pm for an Aussie ritual: the sundowner. Whoever decided that watching the sun go down with a beverage in hand constituted a legitimate activity is a genius, and we’re forever indebted to them. There really is nothing better than enjoying a drink and some great conversation at one of the most beautiful times of the day, and the sky really puts on a show for us during winter.

Host a family beach games tournament

The hot weather is gone, which means more time you can comfortably spend playing on the beach without getting too sweaty. We say, make the most of it! Grab your favourite beach games and enjoy a day spent battling it out against your family members. You can split up into teams if you want to be really organised, or just play back-to-back games until you (and hopefully the kids) run out of puff. Check out our favourite beach games right here.

Read a book

Make the most of the fact that the beach is much quieter and squeeze in some uninterrupted reading by the ocean. It’s seriously blissful! Just lay out a blanket and a beach pillow, pack your favourite snacks for sustenance and enjoy basking in the sun (or under the shade of a tree or umbrella) with your nose in a good book. You’ll tear through your ‘must read’ list in no time! Maybe add these to the pile?

Have a picnic

One thing we love about picnics? They turn a regular meal into a bonafide activity. Fill up your picnic basket (or more realistically, an esky and some reusable bags) with the kids’ favourite snacks and hit the beach for lunch. You could also wrap up those sandwiches you were going to serve at the kitchen table and enjoy them by the water, or better yet, get everything you need for a sausage sizzle and have a spontaneous beachside barbecue! We especially love these barbies. 

Do a workout

We know – it’s not the most appealing idea on this list, but think about it. Working out on the beach is free. It’s convenient. Oh, and it’s a lot more enjoyable than staring at floor-to-ceiling mirrors or your gym TV. If you’re not sure where to start, why not enjoy an afternoon stroll with your kids or four-legged fur child? Then, when you’re ready, transition to this awesome beach workout by haven’s resident personal trainer, Courtney.



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