IKEA has launched a brand new series of miniature flatpacks – including one designed by a dog – to encourage Aussies to be more mindful and find privacy.

In a worldwide first, IKEA Australia has partnered with five co-collaborators from a range of industries to create flatpack ‘Mindsets’. 

These mindsets – limited-edition creations unique to the Australian market – promise 15 minutes of mindful activity, and include a DIY Xylophone from Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins, a bird box from one of Australia’s favourite gardeners, Jason Hodges, and a pet treat puzzle for your furry friend, courtesy of Instagram sensation, Mr Chuck.

The collection came about following insights drawn from this year’s Life at Home Report, which found that while 87% of Australians believe it’s their right to have privacy in their home, 27% are concerned they are not getting enough – and it’s having a big impact on our wellbeing.

“The IKEA Life at Home Report is the longest running and biggest study of life at home across 30 different countries,” says Head of Interior Design for IKEA Australia, Christine Gough. “We understand the frustration of Australians not having privacy at home, particularly in the current environment, and so wanted to use our knowledge and inspiration to make life at home for the many Aussies a little better and more relaxed.”

With only 1,885 available, the Mindsets collection also features a 3D sculpture of street artist Fintan Magee’s artwork, and a series of coasters that double up as a jigsaw puzzle from Christine herself.

What’s more, each collaborator has created a Spotify Playlist – that can be listened to while constructing the flatpacks through a DIY phone speaker, made using the contents of the box the Mindset arrives in – and recorded a mindfully inspired podcast episode linked to their area of expertise. You can join Emma Watkins for a percussive podcast lesson using sounds from around the home, or get your brushes ready to rediscover the benefits of art, courtesy of Fintan Magee.

The Mindsets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis until all units are secured. You can register your application for a limited edition mindset at ww8.ikea.com.



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