Have you heard of Follow Felix? It’s a brand new game-like program aimed at families with primary school children, on a mission to help encourage daily physical activity.

It’s something we’ve always known is important, but have particularly learned the benefits of in lockdown. When the world shut down, one of the first things to sell out was gym equipment and we all pivoted our workout plans to suit our home spaces – but how much did we factor in our kids’ physical activity?

Follow Felix is excited to announce its Pilot Program, kicking off on Monday October 11 until Sunday November 7! You can be among the first people in Australia to experience the Follow Felix game, getting early access to the game on their website.

The program will encourage you and your family to undergo four consistent weeks of different activities together. For 28 days, participating families will stay active with fun activities like running, cycling and ball sports, and receive limited-edition merchandise in return. They’ll also be among the first people to meet Felix and Friends – a huge honour, if you ask us!

At the end of the Pilot Program, you’ll have an opportunity to provide feedback and help shape what the game looks like when it launches in January 2022. 

You can get involved by:

  1. Taking part in their Pilot Program from October 11
  2. Promoting the program to your staff, network and social channels 
  3. Sharing the program with your family, friends, school and social clubs 
  4. Checking out their shop and purchasing some merchandise
  5. Donating to Follow Felix, even if you don’t participate in the event




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