Whether it’s your entire home, a private room, your treehouse, secret lair or castle, maybe it’s time to consider AirBnB.

AirBnB is becoming one of the most popular travel accommodation options around and it’s especially the case in South-East Queensland in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games next month, as residents vacate their homes to make way for tourists – and fast cash. If you are thinking of renting out a room at your place, the Airbnb system is super easy to use. All you need to do is post a listing on the website and make sure guests have a clean space with clean sheets, towels and toilet paper.

Brisbane-based AirBnB user of two years, Dr Edwina Luck is a regular host of AirBnB visitors and has been a guest in AirBnB homes around the globe. “I’ve made lifelong friends and who we will visit when travelling overseas because we have made such good connections with the wonderful people that have stayed in our home,” Edwina says. “Life is about stories and when we meet other people they have wonderful stories and they add to our life story.”

Edwina says new hosts need to be realistic. They should ask themselves if they want to have a stranger living in their space and to consider whether being an AirBnB host fits in with their lifestyle. Newbies should also search houses in their area to see what others are charging and organise to have their house cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Based on her experiences, Edwina says the pros for AirBnB far outweigh the cons.

“The worst thing that has happened to me as a host was that the guest didn’t wipe the benches down after they had breakfast,” Edwina says. “As a guest in Prague the toilet wouldn’t work and in Ljubljana we turned on the tap in the kitchen and it fell off.”

Pros and Cons of AirBnB…


  • Meeting interesting people from all places around the world
  • Making easy money (but remember that AirBnB income is taxable)
  • Making the most of your resources by not wasting rooms that are sitting vacant
  • The website is super easy to use
  • You’re fully insured by Airbnb


  • Your guests might be difficult to get along with
  • Your guests may not be as house proud or tidy as you
  • You have to remember somebody else is living in your house


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