Advertisers and media analysts have posed this question for years – with the rise of digital marketing and social media, is print dead? And should I continue to invest marketing budget into print? The answers are simple – No. And Yes.


Print is not dead. Sure, for broadsheet newspapers where time is of the essence in news reporting, social media has made a dent. Accessing the news in the palm of your hand rather than an unwieldy double-page newspaper which leaves ink on your fingers and turns into an origami fail when you try to fold it back to its original form is bound to have an impact on the way we digest our news. But for niche publishers with focused target markets, print provides an excellent opportunity to leverage brands, get into the homes of consumers, and develop ongoing relationships between brand, media and reader.


A recent article by BDB UK, an integrated communications agency, says, “Print is excellent for your brand identity as it enters into the personal spaces of the reader and due to its tangible nature, reinforces that important brand connection. Magazines and newspapers are still to be found on coffee tables and in offices and provide the opportunity for longer, deeper articles and features, or stand out creative concepts, that can get lost online. Printed media can also last far longer than digital ads, which are now starting to be ignored due to ad blindness or fatigue.”


Print is not dead. It’s evolving to meet the needs of a changing market and media landscape. And therefore your goals for print also need to evolve. Our tips for making the most of your print spend?

  1. Spend smart.

Marketing budgets are limited. Yet marketing is about getting as many ‘eyeballs’ as you can across your brand/message/product/service. So spend smart. Choose the print medium that will deliver the most targeted audience for your product – think location, demographics, publishing context and engagement. Because this is about relationships, remember?

  1. Integrate your campaign across mediums and platforms.

Print is not dead. But nor is it everything. Readers are trawling magazines, social media accounts, blogs, websites, forums and e-zines for their content fix. Make sure your media mix is hitting them wherever they are. Packaging your spend across print, social and direct marketing means more bang for buck – you get more reach, more frequency, more opportunity to connect.

  1. Right media, right message, right measurement.

Understand WHY you are advertising in print, so you can understand how to measure your spend. As Rebecca Lieb, analyst at Altimeter Group notes in a recent article, sales aren’t necessarily the best indicator to measure results. “Objectives aren’t always, ‘How many units do I sell?’” she says. “Magazines can also serve to reinforce the brand and generate new leads”. Tailor your message for the environment you’re advertising in, and note that brand equity and awareness are the foundation for ongoing sales relationships with your customers.


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