There’s no denying that we have a long way to go in the fight to normalise breastfeeding.

Pregnancy+ research commissioned by Phillips Avant reveals just how much women’s attitudes to breastfeeding change once they have their first child. For example, almost three-quarters of first-time expecting mums believed they would feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, while less than half of breastfeeding mums say they do.

To help new and expecting mums feel more comfortable about breastfeeding in public – and with the process of breastfeeding in general – TV star and new mum Tara Pavlovic has taken to social media with what some may call a ‘controversial’ photo.

In the pic, Tara is seen nursing her 10-month-old son Paddy (while also chowing down on a burger herself) at a restaurant. Within an hour of posting, the comment section was overwhelmed with women sharing their stories.

Together with Philips Avent, TV star and new mum, Tara Pavlovic is helping to drive change and normalise breastfeeding by sharing what some may say, is a controversial photo of herself nursing her 10-month old baby boy, Paddy. 

Within the last hour, the response to her post has been overwhelming with many other mums praising Tara’s effort and sharing their own experiences.

One user wrote, I must say, my personal experience breastfeeding my gorgeous girl in public haven’t been great. I’m all about flopping a boob whenever and wherever. If my baby is hungry, my baby is getting fed. It’s so sad that the only people who have ever shamed me or given me bad looks are other women. I find men get awkward and look away. Definitely need to normalise breastfeeding in public.”

Another highlighted how little has changed, saying, “I remember 43 years ago sitting at McDonald’s with my baby girl, breastfeeding her while I had my burger and getting stared at from diners.”

Tara’s social media exercise highlights the conversations we still need to have about breastfeeding, and this week – World Breastfeeding Week – is the perfect time to have them.

How will you challenge stigmas around breastfeeding not only this week, but moving forward?



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