I just love learning and it is such a pleasure this edition to share stories that reflect the diversity in education, not only locally in our community but around the globe. From readying kids for big school to ensuring their education prepares them to be a global citizen, we have tales to tell this edition, and way more than just the ABCs.


“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”



But before you turn the page and start devouring this issue of haven, check out our front cover!! What a huge response we had to our cover art contest. Congratulations to all the talented kids (and parents’ encouragement) who shared their masterpieces with us! It was really tough for the haven crew to choose just one.


We’ve been talking around the schoolyard and playgrounds about this hilarious new flick BAD MOMS coming this August – well mark it in your diary girls as the haven crew have planned a mum’s night out and would love for you to join us! (details page 27).


Plus for all you business minds don’t forget our “modern day marketing” haven business hub event 20 July! More details at www.havenmagazine.com.au.


Read your copy of the July issue of haven online here.


Here’s to the love of learning.

Happy days!


Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

Keeley has always been a keen entrepreneur and creative and takes great pride in growing her business in parallel with her young family. Keeley started in online publishing with ‘Savvy Mama’ in early 2009 going on to publish print titles over the past decade, including haven, a family lifestyle publication and scout for the Gold Coast holiday-maker more recently. She has grown a vibrant and engaged digital community of followers via her digital and social channels and continues to expand her business with haven creative services // www.havencreative.com.au