In this, havens annual education edition, we thought it would be great to uncover some of the best digital resources when it comes to learning and our kids. Here’s our top 5…

Learning Through Play is a blog by Heidi, an early years teacher who is passionate about play-based learning, sustainability, creating inviting spaces and project based learning. The activities on her blog are experiences, which she has explored in her classroom with children aged 3–5 or with her baby goddaughter.

Visit www.medium.com/learning-through-play

Queensland-based Year 4 and 5 teacher Anika Bezuindehout (“Miss B”) provides a gaze into the world of primary school teaching with her wonderful Instagram page. Beyond all of the fantastic ideas for both teachers and parents, she also posts some of the kids’ work.

Find her at @missbs_

Casey from Little Lifelong Learners gets what it’s like to be a teacher. She also gets what it’s like to be a mum. This gives her a credible perspective and puts her in a pretty good position
to give some seriously useful advice. She’s all about engaging and hands-on experiences for little ones that will set them
up for life, from motor skills to sensory activities, to a good old imaginative fun.

Visit www.littlelifelonglearners.com

As much as we hate to admit it, the days of showing our kids how to do every single thing are fading quickly away. These days, our kids are likely to know more about the Internet than we do – and that’s a scary thought. Leonie, The Cyber Safety Lady, understands that the Internet, while a great learning tool and resource for socialisation, is fraught with issues that can turn ugly very, very quickly. Her blog has everything the web- illiterate parent needs to know to stay in the loop with their children’s online activity, and we bet it’ll even provide tips for the parents who think they’ve got it all covered.

Visit www.thecybersafetylady.com.au

Byron-based sisters Nat and Elysia may have a long list of qualifications and experiences in education, but the classroom they’ve created is far from traditional. Whole Beings (pictured above) seeks to nurture the mind, body and spirit of each child that walks through their doors, teaching them to love and nurture themselves, the earth and the people around them. The duo’s fresh-faced blog details their ideas and musings as they cater to the littlest beings.

Visit www.wholebeings.co



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