A never ending ‘to do’ list and a mind that never turns off to business ideas – that’s the reality of my career. It’s been a decade for me as an entrepreneur and my goal has always been to create a business that fits around my family life and raising three children. Let’s face it, school life doesn’t mesh well with full time corporate life easily. I’ll also admit that I’m not the cookie-cutter stay-at-home mum (I salute you guys, though!), so I feel like I have created the flexibility to support my kids yet still fulfill my ambition and career goals. Some days you’ll find me working on my laptop at the swimming pool while the kids do lessons and I laugh, thinking back to the times when they were toddlers and I would leave a trail of milk chocolate buttons through the house to keep them quiet as I took a work call (hey – it worked!).

My passion for business started in college where I studied marketing and small business development, however it wasn’t until a redundancy from corporate life after my second child that I took the leap and started my own business – an online publishing website, “savvy mama”. I worked from home solo to start with, then grew to a print magazine more than seven years ago and now I publish three titles with the support of an amazing crew in our little Mermaid Beach office.

As I write this letter today, I’m at home working in my pjs, heat pack on my back and lap top to the front, (working through frozen shoulder symptoms), grateful that I have created a business that offers me the flexibility to work at home when I need to. Some days the pay sucks, the hours are long and you feel alone – but the passion fires you up to rock it another day and keep working towards the dream!

Dive into this issue and be inspired, like I was, reading about local success stories. Takeaway some ace tips and inspo for EOFY. Plus we’re super excited to launch our next haven business workshop coming in July, talking all things social media. I would love to see you there so we can keep learning together!

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