shopicksThe life of an online shopping addict (or aficionado, as we like to think of it) is a tough one. Surfing our favourite stores, scrolling through endless pages of products and emerging with a wish list as tall as we are – it can all get a bit much. If you’ve ever been in the midst of an online shopping marathon, adding webpage after webpage to a folder in your bookmarks bar titled ‘Things I Need’ (not ‘want’) and thought, “There should be an app for this”, you’ll be pleased to know that there is one. There is also a website.

See, the people at Shopicks understand the struggle. They understand the meaning of ‘organised chaos’. And they understand the satisfaction of dragging and dropping an item into a specific folder, which can then be organised by level of need (again, not want). So they’ve given us the gift of Shopicks, and – like those shoes you ordered online last week – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Visit www.shopicks.com



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