It’s officially a brand-new year – the worries of the last year have slipped away, replaced with excitement for a fresh batch of 365 chances to smash your goals! You’re probably thinking, ‘New Year – New Me!’ and are already crafting a list of life-changing New Year’s Resolutions to help you transform, right?!

Jo Burgess, from Life Sorted, has been there. Full of hope one day, momentum lost the next. All of those amazing resolutions that you promised yourself would happen start to become as distant as the year that was.

“Humans are interesting creatures,” Jo says. “We’re great at getting ourselves excited and setting goals for the future, but sometimes, when the going gets tough, our resolutions get thrown right out the window.”

So, how can we stop this year from being another ‘should-have-would-have-could-have’ year? Simple! By following these steps, courtesy of Jo:

1. Choose few, achievable and realistic resolutions

This is THE year, right? The year, when everything changes, yeah? Well STOP writing that long list of far-fetched resolutions. Instead, as the saying goes – K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). It’s time to kiss your long list of resolutions goodbye and say HELLO to a concise list of one to three achievable resolutions.

Why shorten your list, you ask? Well, take it from a list-aholic. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you need to be realistic with yourself, your time and how much you can give to achieving these goals. By focussing your efforts on less than three resolutions, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals. You’ll have more time to be mindful and take action rather than splitting your focus and trying to achieve several resolutions at the same time.

2. Make your resolutions specific

Across the world millions of individuals resolve to ‘lose weight’ or ‘slow down on the champers’ or ‘be more present’ every year. See how vague and aimless these goals are?

By selecting ambiguous goals, you’re setting yourself up for failure – they’re too difficult to measure and conquer. Instead, focus on something more concrete that you can realistically accomplish. This could be as simple as drinking two litres of water per day, reducing screen time by an hour a day or, like for myself, attending at least three workout sessions a week.

3. Be SMART-er with your resolutions

Be intentional with your goal setting. Writing down your resolutions will increase the likelihood of you accomplishing them. Make sure they are SMART goals: S-pecific, M-easurable, A-chievable, R-ealistic, T-imely. Write down your list of SMART goals, then break down the smaller tasks required to achieve the big goal and start attacking each goal. Your action could be as simple as listening to one informative podcast a week. I love learning about decluttering, so listening to the Minimalists has become a ritual for me on my Sunday nights in, when the kids have settled down from a busy weekend and I can finally relax. I promise, being SMART-er with your goals than you were last year will pay off.

4. Get Your Life Sorted with LIFE SORTED!

Technology is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your resolutions, and apps like Life Sorted help busy families stay organised and connected. Life Sorted works in several ways to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Let’s say you want to take your family to that one destination you’ve always dreamed of – Lake Louise for a white Christmas, for example. You could simply set yourself a recurring event on pay day to set money aside to the holiday fund – it’s as simple as that! Don’t think you have time to exercise? Pop your exercise class in as a recurring event and be ‘nudged’ (aka notified) to attend each time. Or, say you want some more ‘me’ time in your routine, but the day-to-day family activities make it feel impossible. All you need to do is decide on how much time each day you’re going to allocate then schedule it in to your calendar using your Life Sorted App. Then, when the notification pop ups with ‘me time’ go enjoy a cuppa, water the garden, or perhaps take a quick jog outside.

The start of every year is a fabulous time to refocus your mind, body and spirit to achieve your resolutions. When you set your 2019 goals, just remember: pick only a few, make them specific and be SMARTer this year.

Go on. You can do it.


Anastasia White

Anastasia White  

Anastasia (‘Anny’ to her friends and family, thanks to some nickname experimentation in year 4 that unfortunately stuck) is a born-and-bred Brisbanite with a love of coffee and her cat, Olive. Having recently finished a degree in journalism, Anastasia loves being able to learn and write about so many different topics for a variety of audiences.