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Mum, authour, naturopath, mentor and entrepreneur, Katrina Ellis is a study in multi-tasking


Tell us about Your Business / Current role?

I am the director of the ‘Katrina ellis Natural health Centre’ at Kirra on the Gold Coast. During the day I do naturopathic and health consultations, run my busy health centre, write books and organise health and wellness seminars. I often travel overseas to consult with my international clients.

Where did the Concept for this Come from?

I have been a naturopath, iridologist and herbalist for almost 20 years. During my career I have worked all over the world for many famous people and companies like Chiva- Som in Thailand, Versace and Golden Door. I felt it was time to branch out on my own as I have two little kids and running my own business is a perfect way to blend my working life with my children’s schooling needs and after-school activities.

What’s your business background?

I have been a naturopath, iridologist and herbalist for my entire adult life. Lucky for me I knew exactly what I loved to do from an early age. I have lectured at Australia’s best natural medicine colleges and have been blessed to have travelled the world and consulted with many famous celebrities and Asian/Middle eastern royalty. It is amazing how many doors open when you are passionate about what you love doing.

Who were your mentors along the way?

As a role model – my greatest mentors were my mum and dad. Dad was a hard- working, intelligent man who taught me the lessons of positive thinking and creative visualization from the age of five. My mum was free-spirited, generous and unconditional – she told me to follow my heart and always do what I love. In the natural health arena, I really admire people like Leslie Kenton, Dr Michael hayter, Dr Andrew Weil and the Dalai Lama.

What is a typical day for you?

A typical working day is waking up early – making a healthy breakfast for the kids – taking my husky for a run – coming home and making a green smoothie and then off to my clinic at Kirra. Normally I am booked out all day doing interesting consultations with adults and kids. I photograph eyes, do live blood screening, organise pathology testing and design individualised programs. In between this I send off and sign books. Just before school breaks I go to pick up the kids, sometimes do the shopping and then go home to make a healthy dinner, while the kiddies play with their friends outside. After dinner my husband and I bathe, read and do homework with the kiddies before they’re off to bed. Then I normally jump onto my computer and start creating new books, e-books and seminars.

Do you have help around the house?

My greatest help around the house is my husband Clay. he owns a business and works as full-time communications technician. he is absolutely amazing – he loves everything clean. As soon as he comes home he cleans, washes and does all that amazing stuff to help out.

Who does the cooking and cleaning in your household?

I do most of the cooking (although my hubby is an incredible cook), I clean as well – but he definitely does a large majority of the cleaning and washing too.

If you have 10 minutes to yourself, what do you do? 

My form of meditation is closing my eyes and taking a moment to feel grateful for everything wonderful in my life – my beautiful kiddies, my health, my husband and family and the spectacular location we live in.


What do you do for childcare?

When the kids were little they went to family day care and they absolutely loved it. It was small, intimate and they were in love with their provider, Kelly. During the holiday I put them into Mad Sports in Kingscliff. They do all sorts of fun things like Laser Skirmish, Disco Parties, Skateboarding – they actually ask to go.

Do your kids do many extra-curricular activities? 

I try not to overload them or us with activities. Luckily at their school, they can do most of their extra-curricular activities in school. Carter does drums, art lessons and movie making in school and rugby league outside of school. evie-ray does dancing in school and she is about to start piano. At the moment her outer school entertainment is playing with the 30 kids that live in our street – although I am thinking about little athletics as she just won the cross country.

What do you do for fun as a family?

Most weekends we all go surfing together. We pack up the car and go on little adventures to beautiful spots down south like Broken head, Lennox and other places. We eat out at beautiful cafés and restaurants and explore the amazing northern NSW coastline.


What is your favourite thing to do for date night with your partner?

every weekend for Clay and I is date night. We have always had fun together and having the kids didn’t change that. We love to go out to a beautiful restaurant, have a few drinks together and go dancing. Sometimes, we stay at home and dress up in cool retro outfits and talk the night away.

What is your favourite Gold Coast place?

Now this is a tough one to answer as there are so many amazing places on the Gold Coast. When I was younger I loved visiting Natural Arch and watching the glow worms. I also loved going to the waterfalls with my dog in Tallebudgera Valley. Clay and I owned a house a Mermaid Beach, so my favourite shopping place was definitely Pac-Fair. But you can’t go past a visit to elephant rock Café or the Bird Sanctuary with the kids at Currumbin.

How about favourite place to eat out as a family?

Our favourite place near our home is Zanzibar – an African restaurant in Kingscliff, the food is consistent and amazing. We own a cool little espresso bar in Cabarita Beach and the food here during the day is great (my husband makes most of it early in the morning). Another hit for the family is o-Sushi in Coolangatta – I love how they make sushi with brown and purple rice.

Girl Stuff

Where do you head to when you get time for a girls’ night out?

I will be honest with you I don’t go out with the girls that often at night. I prefer to meet my friends for a coffee and talk on an intimate basis or do something else fun like surf together.

What is your best beauty tip for mums?

Drink lots of alkaline water, make time to exercise, don’t stress and eat lots of healthy raw foods, like dark green leafy vegetables. Don’t forget to include lots of good oils in the diet like flaxseed oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds and avocado as the right oils help metabolism and keep your skin young.

Favourite place to shop?

In Australia, I love to shop in Byron Bay – it has chic, unique and intimate little stores. Plus I can find something that not everyone else is wearing on the Gold Coast.


Must-Have parenting tip or tool?

I’ve got a couple of oldies, but goodies. Kiss and hug your kiddies and tell them how much you love them every day because, before you know it, they will be grown up. Keep talking to them all of the time so they will confide in you when they are older. Never go back on a promise (a kid will never forget it) and make sure they have boundaries and you stick to them.

Can you share any tips on finding the right balance and that juggling act?

When I first went back to work, I felt guilty at leaving Carter in childcare so young. I then realised working for myself, I could finish early and take days off if I needed. Time management can be a struggle having two working parents in the family but if you organise your time well, support each other and keep yourself healthy to maintain a positive and balanced emotional state, achieving a unified balanced is much easier.

How do you stay motivated?

It is not hard for me to stay motivated as I have a job that I love, my husband is the perfect man for me, my kiddies make me laugh every day and I have a very supportive family. All of these incentives make it easy to stay focused and motivated. It doesn’t hurt to keep up a regular exercise routine, which for me is running and surfing, and eating really healthy foods to keep my mind balanced, motivated and positive.

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