We can agree being a parent is busy and we play many roles: taxi driver, cleaner, organiser, social planner, to being a teacher, chef, therapist, and so much more. After a hectic day running around we want to give you some tips on how to keep going… and create a delicious healthy meal for everyone. Wearing that chef hat, takes up a big part of our day; beginning with planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. Let’s take some of the stress out, and focus on creating the best for our family’s health and wellbeing with these simple meal planning tips.

meal planTo make things easier in the kitchen it’s a great idea to do some sort of meal planning weekly or monthly. Take the time to plan and it can benefit your family in time, money and sanity. Here are some tips on weekly meal planning:

  • Plan about 10-15 dishes that you want to make for several weeks. I suggest dishes that you are comfortable with cooking, and what your family enjoys eating.
  • Mark the meals you want to eat on which days on a calendar making sure that you have plenty of variety. Then you will know what ingredients you will need to buy. This will save you time and on your grocery bills, because you can buy in bulk and purchase less compulsively.
  • Pre-prep some of the ingredients at the beginning of the week to free up your time through the week. I find just knowing what I planned to cook each night frees up plenty of time and thinking power when it comes to deciding what to cook for dinner each night and I am not running to the shops for last minute, ingredients.

It may seem a challenge in the beginning, but your family will notice the difference once you get into the swing of things. Remember we are saving time, money and sanity with meal planning. If you need any help with your meal planning, please get in touch with me and I will do what I can to help you structure your cooking life.

Lee Hilder

Lee Hilder  

Lee Hilder is a private and personal chef for families, home cooking teacher and restaurant consultant. He is tightly wrapped around his two little girls tiny pinkie fingers and blessed with a very tolerant loving wife. If you need any help with your cooking or kitchen advice, find Lee at www.homecookingcoach.com.au