We all think we can remember the interesting and unique parts of our holiday, but after a time, we forget. It’s is the delicious little details of your holiday that you want to savour for weeks, months and years into the future. The only way to remember the juicy details is to keep a journal.

Keeping a travel journal is one of the smartest things any traveller can do, so I have put together some tips for keeping a great travel journal:

  • Invest in a journal that can take a beating. You want it to last the entire journey and into the future.
  • Update your journal regularly throughout your holiday, do not try and write it days or weeks later.
  • Keep all your tickets, labels, receipts, etc and stick them into the relevant day of your journal, as this helps create more intimate memories.
  • Remember there is no right or wrong thing to write, whatever you feel, did, saw and experienced can be added to your journal.
  • Add some sketches or draw some rough maps to also help paint the picture of your day.
  • The journal doesn’t have to be just about what you see and do, it can also hold your lists of best food, people you meet etc.

The purpose of a journal is to help you remember the specifics of your holiday. Don’t stress about what to put in your journal, it’s your journal and there are no rules. Next time you go on holiday, consider adding a travel journal to your carry-on bag and start writing!

Kerry Boiko

Kerry Boiko  

I have over 15 years in the travel industry and have been travelling the world for the past 20 years! On last count, I have visited more than 50 countries, many of them twice. I have had such wonderful trips in my career, such as climbing Mt Sinai in Egypt, watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, eating bugs in the Amazon and flying across the Grand Canyon. I have experienced the culture of Europe, the mystery of North Africa, the intrigue of Asia, the diversity of the Americas, and have spent a year exploring the vastness of Australia. I am experienced in organising both domestic and international travel, including cruises, honeymoons and round the world adventures! I also have expertise with business travel, in particular assisting SME’s with travel policy implementation and cost savings strategies. Travel Counsellors allows me to give you, my client, the specialised service you deserve, at a time that is convenient for you. I am available to visit you in person or speak to you by phone. I pride myself in ensuring that your travel is exactly what you dreamed of so please contact me to arrange your next holiday or help with your business travel arrangements // www.travelcounsellors.com.au/kerry.boiko