Another year ending and often the same thoughts will run through our minds. ‘Wow, where did the year go?’, ‘I feel like I’m in the same place I was this time last year’. We will often say, ‘next year is going to be different. I will put some new strategies in place to give me more of what I desire’. Some of us will move towards this with ease and some of us will be trapped in the same behaviour – we might call this procrastination.


“Thorough preparation makes its own luck.” – Joe Poyer


To overcome procrastination or stuckness we simply need to do some positive work on ourselves and the way we do things. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing 21 ideas on how to create momentum in life to kick start a great readiness for 2016.


Changing our thinking is a good place to start and one way of doing this is to get very clear on what we would like our 2016 to look like. What would we like to have happening in it? What would we like our relationships to be looking like, these can be with our partner, lover, children, parents, siblings, friends etc. Could we do some clearing out of them, letting go of the people who drain us? What do we want our health and wellbeing to be like in 2016? The list goes on.


Once we are clear on what we would like it to look like, close our eyes and get a very clear picture of this. Feel how it feels, see what we are doing inside this picture, and hear what we hear, breathe this in and know it is possible. Over time with practice this becomes easier and know anything in our picture can be changed, because it belongs to us.


Over the coming blogs, 3 ideas/tips/tools will be shared to start the shift for a great year ahead.


1. Let go of ill feelings towards others, in other words holding grudges is a waste of time, energy and space. It brings us down, keeps us closed and our mind pre-occupied. Harbouring negative feelings towards things or people will slowly eat away at us on the inside and will cause our body to become sick. Our body cannot do anything else with the negativity except turn it into a body that is at Dis-Ease. Out of ‘ease’, out of alignment, out of sync, how do we want our body to be? Letting go will also free our mind and allow more space for positive thoughts.

How: Let things go, some may think this is easier said than done. It all starts with one small step. Practice letting go when someone doesn’t do as you would like them to do – Let it Go.

Practice letting go when someone is late, lets us down, says something we don’t like – Let it Go.

If a person continues to bring up these ill feelings – Let Them Go!

Continue this practice and be aware of the difference it makes.


2. Take time out to smell the roses! It’s important for us to want to be the best we can be, firstly for ourselves and our health and wellbeing. Secondly, if we are not being the best we can be then how will be able to help and support those around us. As a generalisation, we love to help others and this can be very draining on us personally, so taking a little time to stop is vital. So, take time out to recharge and re-energise. Relax!

How: Take time to read, lay in the hammock, walk on the beach/around the block/go to the park. Meet a friend for coffee, have a coffee date with ourself, journal, be creative, meditate, watch personal development and motivational talks. Go to the movies alone. Take a train journey alone. Anything to give ourselves some ‘Me Time Out’.


3. Be Yourself! Each day do something to build confidence. Give ourself permission to be ourself. Fully show up knowing we are being our best. Let go of what others think, it is not our business what anyone thinks of us.

How: Look in the mirror every day and say ‘Hi, today is going to be my best day’ or ‘I love you’, believe it, practice it every day, wear it and watch our confidence grow.  Practice stepping outside our comfort zone and doing things to stretch us. Do anything to stretch ourselves and build our confidence.


A suggestion when doing something new is to write in a notebook, journal or whatever works best and track our progress. Enjoy the shift it will start creating.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”  – Bobby Unser


Watch this space for the remaining 18 tips in preparation for an awesome 2016.




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