It’s a brand new day! How often do we think, ‘oh, no here we go again, same old thing, different day’. When our feet hit the ground they have no other option than to follow what the mind is thinking. Right from this moment our path is set for the day. This moment is pivotal to our results.


“The choices you make in life will make your life” – Michael Josephson


Thinking, ‘here we go again’, our day can only be ‘same old’. Our thoughts create our behaviour therefore it’s important to be aware of what it is we want in our life. If we want smooth, calm, productive and happy all we need to do is think them and our day, week, month and year will be exactly this.


“Change your Thinking, Change your World” – Dr Wayne Dyer


If we feel trapped and unable to move forward because of our perceived burdens, responsibilities or weight being carried around, this is exactly where our day will play out. Making a conscious choice to focus on a shift of thinking is a great awareness to have and the first place to start making changes.


By taking a stand, choosing to think differently, being clear on where we want to go, we will notice a change immediately. If we stay away from playing in the space of blaming others and playing the victim – it will be exactly this. Some might say it is not rocket science. It takes knowledge, practice, dedication and perseverance to become a rocket scientist; this is exactly like our life. It takes many years of learning, modelling and pattern forming to be the person we are today. It’s taken a long time and much effort. So, to have something different, we need to do something different.


As we put our feet on the ground today it’s important to know we are made up by the values, beliefs, memories, attitudes, programs we have acquired over our life time. These developed over time and were passed on or modelled by parents, grandparents, teachers, media and life in general. It’s what we have chosen to pick up throughout our lifetime. Some of us believe we cannot change the patterns, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we have. The truth of the matter is we can choose to change anything we want. Once we get clarity around what we truly want, we can start new and progressive thoughts, actions and behaviours.


“Thoughts Become Things, Choose the Right ones.” – Clive Pickering


Making choices to play above the line instead of below the line will give us more positive outcomes. Choosing to replace negative language with positive language outcomes shift. When our outcomes are more aligned, we feel better. Our confidence grows and our self-esteem is increased. We are better role models to our children and our family unit becomes more connected. Our job satisfaction improves and on the ripple effect goes. We are the controller of our life, we drive our own bus.


It is possible to move from an unproductive space. It can sometimes be a little challenging to make changes but the result can be life changing! If we are prepared to give it a go, anything is possible!? Now the next step is choosing to do something different!


If we truly want to create shifts in our life taking the first step will start our journey. Some ideas might include:

  • Starting a bucket list,
  • Connect with what we truly want in life,
  • Work with a coach for support in creating the new,
  • Make the choice to make a change – shift our thinking,
  • Surround ourselves with positive, supportive people. ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’,
  • Listen to inspirational people, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Gregg Braden etc,
  • Seek medical help if we feel it’s necessary,
  • See a holistic health professional, naturopath, etc,
  • Do workshops, outdoor activities, a weekend retreat, meditation or something new,
  • Take time out for ‘ourSELF’, reconnection is important,
  • Call a long lost friend and say hello,
  • Go for coffee with a friend,
  • Let Go!
  • Buy ourselves a bunch of flowers, lifting our spirits,
  • Hire a cleaner, gardener, taking the pressure off,
  • Do a weekend away or a holiday – alone is special,
  • Have a family breakaway, camping, lastminute.com.au, etc,
  • Date night to reconnect – get intimate,
  • Join a membership club for support,


It’s imperative to get clear on what we truly want from life. Taking one small step in doing something different will start to change our way. And it is OUR way. Enjoy the journey.


“You can make your own choices.”


Debbie Hogg

Debbie Hogg  

Debbie Hogg is one of Australia’s leading coaches PCC/APC, is an award winning Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Women’s Retreat Master, Writer, Podcaster, Adventurous Hiker and is The Self-Worth Coach. Debbie is passionate in helping women manage their ‘Inner & Outer’ balance. She is co-creator of Life Skills Programs, assisting parents teach children confidence and resilience. Debbie knows that when we give ourselves permission to fully show up in our life amazing serendipities occur! She is mum to two amazing teenager daughters // www.debbiehogg.com