It’s time to teach your kids that they can be agents of change in their own way every single day.

Tomorrow is International Youth Day. Young people play a big role in society from the moment they are born – they are the future leaders and decision makers.

While many young people – especially kids – aren’t making big life changing decisions yet, it doesn’t mean they can’t be agents for change.

As parents, teachers and other adult influences we need to encourage kids to make positive changes in the world to make sure the world they inherit is even better than our world today.

Encouraging this change is easier than you think. To make this possible we have created our list of the top five ways kids can be agents of change – and not just on International Youth Day, but every. single. day.

Top five ways kids can be agents of change:

  1. Volunteering
    Help your kids find a cause they are passionate about to help others who may be less fortunate than them. This is a great way for them to make change in the world and to provide them with a gentle reminder of what they have to be grateful for.
  2. Think about the planet
    Making change isn’t just about people – but the planet and animals too. Kids should take an active role in keeping our planet clean and green for as long as possible. Encourage them to take shorter showers, clean up after themselves and recycle.
  3. Help others at school
    Every child has something they are good at. At the same time, many of their peers will struggle with that skill that they find easy. This is a great opportunity for kids to help each other and make a change within one of their most important communities.
  4. Random acts of kindness
    We often hear about people ‘paying it forward’ or conducting a random act of kindness. Kids are just as capable as adults of doing kind things for others – let’s spend some time encouraging them to go out of their way to help change someone’s day.
  5. Show gratitude
    This one’s an easy one that’s not done anywhere near enough. Saying ‘thank you’ can mean a lot to others. It can be easy to think that we live in a thankless society. Encouraging our kids to say thanks where its earned creates a positive change for all of those people.


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