Whether you are embracing Australia’s growing fondness of celebrating this spooky holiday, or you think that it’s yet another nonsense day created by the yanks and big business to get us to spend more money by buying candy to give to complete strangers – the popularity of celebrating Halloween is fast growing and in our family, it is one of our favourite holidays of the year.

But what if you have completely ran out of time to make or buy your kid a spooky costume for them to go trick or treating in? Well, just a simple black t-shirt and pants can be transformed into a wicked costume with some creativity and makeup.

If you search Pinterest or Youtube for “kids halloween makeup” you will not only find pages of inspiration but also heaps of step by step tutorials that anyone can achieve with a little patience and maybe a bribe or two to get your child to sit still!

You would be surprised with what you can do with items that most of us have in our makeup collection already. Here are my tips to get you started:

  • Use a nude or white eye pencil to draw on the rough design on the face, that way you can wipe it off if you make a mistake before you go in with the darker colours.
  • Instead of white face paint, try using the lightest shade of a foundation you can get your hands on (just buy the cheapest brand available) and set it with talcum powder, that way the other makeup will glide on a lot easier and it won’t crack or get streaky like most face paint does.
  • Use a black eyeliner to draw on dark details and colour in any parts that need filling in, like the nose or mouth.
  • Red lipstick goes a long way to smudge under eyes and around the mouth to make a scary face come to ‘life’.
  • Once you are done with your creation, give the face a light spray of hairspray (tell your little ones to close their eyes and hold their breath). This will set the ghoulish makeup into place so that it doesn’t budge all night, especially once their sugar high kicks in.

Below are a few ideas I am going to try this year on my kids and their friends… just pick a face and try to copy it the best you can. Your kids will love it!

Images (left to right): instagram.com/shannabanana_rama // www.goodtoknow.co.uk // instagram.com/houseofglam_by_dama

Happy painting Dolls

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

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