As Australians begin to embrace Halloween more than ever you may be starting to scramble to organise your kids’ Halloween costumes.

It doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to help make costumes for your kids this Halloween.

To help make your Halloween costumes a little less torturous here are some quick tips for spooky success.

Start with what you’ve got at home
Whether your kids want to be witches, ghosts or gypsies you should be able to make their costume using things you have around the house. This is great if your craft skills aren’t great or you don’t have a sewing machine.

Make (or buy) a mask
If you’re really strapped for time there’s no need to make a full costume. A mask is still an excellent costume – especially for the younger kids who are going to be pretty happy with just being included.

Read for inspiration
If you’re stumped for inspiration or your kids can’t decide look no further than their bookshelf. A character from their favourite books might be easy to throw together and is another way to show kids that reading rocks!

Head to the shops
Maybe you’re not crafty at all or you’ve left it to the left minute – we won’t judge, we’re all busy. You can always head to the shops and buy a Halloween costume.

Halloween is supposed to be fun and while the idea of making a fancy costume might seem exciting, many of us parents simply do not have the time. When you’re in a time crunch, try one of these quick and easy costume ideas…

  • A piece of LEGO: There’s nothing you can’t create with LEGO, but did you know you can DIY your own LEGO costume just as easily? All you need is a square cardboard box, some paper party plates, glue and spray paint. Stick the plates to the cardboard box to replicate LEGO studs, cut out holes for your child’s head, arms and body, and spray paint in the colour of your choice. Done!
  • No raining on this parade: What can you create using an old umbrella, some string and loads of cotton wool balls? The cutest rain cloud costume, ever! Glue the cotton wool balls to the umbrella and attach raindrop-shaped cardboard cut outs to the underside of the umbrella using tape. If you want to be a little bit funny with it, print off some photos of cats and dogs and stick them to the string instead. Top it all off with a raincoat and gumboots.
  • Easy DIY Dinosaur: Parents of dino-mad boys and girls will know that, when it comes to opportunities to dress up, there’s only one option. But dinosaur costumes can be hard to come by, and it’s not too hard to make one yourself – so stock up on coloured cardboard and plenty of hot glue and try this easy, one-hour craft project! Make it here
  • Flamingo fun: Channel everyone’s favourite pink birds with a costume that would put Bjork to shame. All you need to do is put together your child’s best pink ensemble – down to the shoes, if possible – and find a bright pink feather boa. Wrap it around your child’s waist, leaving enough to reach up their sleeve and down to their hand. There, stick a black and white beak cut-out and a googly eye and you’ve got yourself a flamingo.
  • Rub a dub dub: Bath time is the best time! For this cute costume idea, simply gather your child’s best white clothing – a t-shirt and pants will be perfect – and a packet of white balloons. Blow up as many balloons as you can and attach them to your child’s clothing (you can simply sew the knot to the fabric), accessorising with a scrubbing brush, rubber ducks and a shower cap.
  • BONUS: Box of Crayons group costume: This one is perfect if your child is Trick-or-Treating with friends or family members! Have each person dress in a different colour and pick up some matching face paint. You can stick their hair up, Troll doll-style, or simply craft a cone-shaped hat out of coloured card. Cut out some ‘Crayola’ signs and stick them to their chests, and you’re done.

Regardless of what idea you run with we would LOVE to see your Halloween costumes – share them with us on Facebook.



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