As Australians begin to embrace Halloween more than ever you may be starting to scramble to organise your kids’ Halloween costumes.

It doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to help make costumes for your kids this Halloween.

To help make your Halloween costumes a little less torturous here are some quick tips for spooky success.

Start with what you’ve got at home
Whether your kids want to be witches, ghosts or gypsies you should be able to make their costume using things you have around the house. This is great if your craft skills aren’t great or you don’t have a sewing machine.

Make (or buy) a mask
If you’re really strapped for time there’s no need to make a full costume. A mask is still an excellent costume – especially for the younger kids who are going to be pretty happy with just being included.

Read for inspiration
If you’re stumped for inspiration or your kids can’t decide look no further than their bookshelf. A character from their favourite books might be easy to throw together and is another way to show kids that reading rocks!

Head to the shops
Maybe you’re not crafty at all or you’ve left it to the left minute – we won’t judge, we’re all busy. You can always head to the shops and buy a Halloween costume.

Halloween is supposed to be fun and while the idea of making a costume might seem exciting, many of us parents simply do not have the time. If you’re strapped for time like we are there’s nothing wrong with buying your costume online!

We have compiled a list of our favourite Halloween costumes this year. Has one of your favourite characters made the list?

510041 Batmobile Car Boy CostumeBat Mobile Car
This is a really cool costume – not only are you BATMAN, but you’re the Bat Mobile as well. It really couldn’t get cooler than this. The only thing that we are sad about is that it only fits toddlers!

If you’re looking for a more traditional Halloween costume Dracula is a classic Halloween costume. If your kids don’t want to be Dracula they can even make up their own vampire name.

887378 Dorothy Adult - shoe & toto basket not includedDorothy
There really is no place like home and after a long night of Trick or Treating, we’re sure that’s where you’ll want to be. This Dorothy costume is fantastic and it even comes with the ruby slippers.

Wicked Witch of the West
Isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary? And who is scarier than the Wicked Witch of the West herself. This is a perfect addition to the Dorothy costume or for those kids who just LOVE the Witch of the West. Just remember, water melts witches.

0177D_0178D TheFlash_ClassicThe Flash
All kids wish they had superpowers (we wish we did too). We’ve asked around the office and while super speed isn’t our first choice, it’s still pretty cool. For all the kids who wish they were as fast as lighting, The Flash is the perfect Halloween costume for them.

The innocent, yet sometimes-scary clown costume. Clowns are fun and often quite playful but some of us find them pretty freaky!

510042 Supergirl Tutu dressSuper Girl
There’s nothing more fabulous than sparkles and sequins, which is exactly why we love this fabulous costume – it’s covered in sequins.


Regardless of what idea you run with we would LOVE to see your Halloween costumes – share them with us on Facebook.



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