These are wild times, aren’t they? Now more than ever before, local and community support are key to ensuring the survival of small businesses – we need to huddle together to survive and thrive.

Through haven huddle, that’s exactly what we aim to do! We hope to create a space where women in business can gather to swap goods, share stories and match services for a win/win trade. We’ve built this platform to lift up local and small businesses – especially those run by fellow mums! – so that we can work together, save money and get through the uncertainty (and form valuable partnerships along the way).

There are a lot of women in business groups on Facebook – that isn’t a gap we’re trying to fill. haven huddle isn’t a place to find a great mechanic or find out how much to spend on a Facebook ad, either. Think of this as a medium through which you can link up with like-minded business owners who are as serious about trade and moving on during the pandemic as you are.

Maybe you’re a flower shop willing to swap fresh blooms in exchange for website copy, or a personal trainer who can offer free sessions to a filmmaker in exchange for a promotional video? Offer your services, and connect with people who can do the same for you. Whether you’re a crafter or a copywriter, a photographer or a physician, this is a space you can come to ask for help – and offer it in return.

Lets huddle!




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