Between her successful career in acting and TV presenting – you probably recognise her from Hi-5 – being mum to her gorgeous son Miller and the partner of one of the country’s most notable AFL players, you would think Lauren Brant would have enough on her plate. But her new business venture, loliboli, proves she’s just getting started.

Impassioned to create a dress that allowed little girls to play without inhibition – whilst also being super easy for parents to clean! – Lauren did her research into materials and designs, and loliboli was born.

“The dresses are made using the same materials that professional athletes wear so that they are comfortable, durable and absolutely non-restrictive for play,” Lauren says. “Now, little girls can dress up and feel special but also be totally comfortable. How wonderful is that?!”

We chatted to Lauren about all things loliboli – check out what she had to say…

Why do you think bright, colourful dresses are so appealing to little girls?

Play is such an incredible and important part of childhood and it’s spiked by imagination. Imagination is enhanced by colours, which of course are all connected to feelings. Bright colours represent fun and therefore create excitement and happiness in the child, hence why they love them so much!

How did you choose the colours and designs? 

These dresses were created completely with the child in mind. A beautiful part of childhood is the belief of mystical creatures that we learn about in magical stories. This range is called ‘i believe’ as it celebrates the belief of unicorns, mermaids and fairies. Of course, the beautiful colours like pink, purple and blue are perfect representation of these creatures.

Tell us about how your experience on Hi-5 helped you to build this brand for kids?

My wonderful five-and-a-half years on Hi-5 allowed me to meet gorgeous children all over the world, and the one thing I learnt that all children have in common is that they love to play. I’d often see children at our concert, all dressed up, quickly turn into sweaty, bothered little humans while dancing in the mini mosh pit. At the time, I was designing and manufacturing the costumes we wore on stage, and I produced these using the same material professional athletes wore, because they are durable, comfortable, moisture-wicking and easy to care for. While watching the children dance, I released their needs were the same as ours and athletes when it came to movement, and that’s when I started designing these pretty dresses that are perfect for play.

How are loliboli dresses unlike any other dresses parents have bought for their kids before? 

Kids love wearing these dresses because they’re super comfortable; after all, they’re made of the same stretch, moisture-wicking fabric that Olympic athletes wear! Parents love them just as much, because as well as looking great, they are totally durable and so easy to care for. Just machine wash, pop in the dryer and wear them over and over again!

How do loliboli dresses allow little girls to run, jump, play, twirl and climb to their heart’s content? 

Little girls will feel ultimate comfort in these dresses. They are lightweight, stretchy, they release heat and are so simple – no layers, frills, buttons or zips!

Do you know a little princess who would love a loliboli dress this Christmas? loliboli are offering a free upgrade to express post from standard shipping next week (beginning Saturday December 15) and you can use the code ‘7JATV1SK578K’ to score a free bow with your purchase! www.loliboli.com



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