Often, when paying for advertising, we want to include as much as we can for our customers. We want to give them a full picture of our products or services and get the best bang for our buck! However, this is not the time or the place (space)


We all recognise the value of a dollar and every dollar is hard earned. As a business owner you choose to invest your hard earned dollars in advertising space. Effectively, you’re buying an opportunity to reach your audience and educate them. The normal reaction is to want to include as much information as you can, so the customer gets a full picture of all the features and benefits you are offering.


However, this isn’t always the best way of thinking, or the most effective. Less is often more!


Think about the way you consume advertising. When you see an advertisement which is busy, cluttered, very colourful or just jam packed with text. Does it engage you to read every last skerrick of detail or o do you find yourself drifting away from it, shifting your focus elsewhere as it is too overwhelming and difficult to quickly digest? Recall the average human attention span is 8 Seconds, it would take longer than that to read an advertisement which could be mistaken as an essay!


Next time you are advertising, give some serious thought to the one, at most, two key messages you would like to get across to your audience. Consider space, colour and positioning. Consider the average human attention span (8 Seconds, it really isn’t very long!). Consider also the ease at which you recall a website address versus a phone number. Which do you think your clients will remember more easily?


Although the intent is to give the customer as much info as possible in an convenient place, often this is overwhelming and has an adverse reaction.


Or consider using a teaser, something which may peak their interest, engage and have them looking for more info, and boom, they are visiting your 24/7 store, your website. Hurrah!


Tolita Dukes

Tolita Dukes  

Tolita Dukes is the creative brain behind 8 Seconds, a marketing agency located in the beautiful, Whitsundays. With backgrounds in tourism, sales and marketing, Tolita is passionate about helping small business and demystifying marketing. Delivered with intelligence, energy and honesty, helping clients realise their business aspirations through dynamic marketing strategies. 8 Seconds, the average human attention span. Get noticed! // www.8seconds.com.au