Did you know that, in Queensland alone, a domestic violence order is broken three times an hour? That’s three people, every hour, who have to live in fear despite the law saying they’re protected from an abusive partner.

Domestic violence feels foreign, until it happens to you. And sadly, it’s a reality that many of us may face – if we haven’t already. Statistics show that one in four Australian women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15, and one woman a week is murdered by a current or former partner.

So, what can we do to help?

Founded on the Gold Coast, RizeUp Australia provides local hubs across Queensland and New South Wales with dedicated teams of volunteers to facilitate fundraising, donations and aid for women and their families facing domestic violence in the community.

As a community-driven organisation, RizeUp believes it is essential to ensure families are linked with specialist services in order to receive the vital wraparound support required to break the cycle of violence and ensure their safety. Among their many other support services, RizeUp have completed 725 fully-furnished homes for women and their families in refuge – you can see their latest completed home right here.

By helping RizeUp on their mission to provide practical support to the many women and families affected by domestic and family violence – either by raising funds or awareness, or by volunteering yourself – you will be playing a key role in enhancing the options that domestic violence services can offer.

Here are two ways you can help RizeUp in your local community:

Homes Program

One key way you could make a difference is by aiding with the ‘Homes Program’, where RizeUp provides practical assistance in the form of household donations. Typically, when women have fled a domestic violence situation, they seek solace or care in refuge – but, after 12 weeks in refuge, they are helped to source and move on to independent accommodation. You could either donate furniture items like tables, chairs and lamps, or help to refurnish homes within their local community hub – or, you could do both!

RizeUp Schools Program

This program provides an opportunity for the local community to support children with their diverse school needs. Donations of school items, such as uniforms, sport gear and books, can be provided to assist RizeUp in relieving the economic pressures for women struggling to provide financially for their children’s education. RizeUp also helps support the children by sponsoring various extra-curricular enrichment activities such as swimming, dancing, soccer, camp and more. Send an email to volunteer@rizeup.com.au to see how you can get involved in your local area.




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