These last few weeks have really tested our faith in humanity, but there have been some shining moments of pure kindness, too.

Let’s make more.

These are five ways you can spread kindness – without risking the spread of coronavirus.

Show your support
Between worrying about whether to send the kids to school and counting the last of the loo roll, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of people who don’t have the luxury of switching off from all of this coronavirus talk. Doctors, nurses and the scientists who are working tirelessly to reduce the severity of COVID-19 do so without asking for thanks or anything in return, so find out how you can show your support for your local hospital, research centre or doctor’s clinic (it could be as simple as a handwritten letter).

Spare some change
There were so many places to donate during our recent bushfire crisis, but it can be hard to know where to put your money during a global pandemic. If you do have some money to spare – we know, times are tough (and getting tougher) – organisations like the WHO are on the frontlines and in need of support. Click here to donate to their response fund, or do some research to find a number of other organisations worthy of a donation.

Go shopping for someone who can’t
Supermarkets have become scary places, for more reasons than one. People with weakened immune systems – we’re talking young children (and their parents), seniors, people with pre-existing medical conditions and more – can’t always brave the aisles, leaving them without important food and supplies. Check in with your neighbours, family members and people in your community (a phone call or letterbox drop will do!) or pick up a couple of extra items to give to people in need.

Leave what you don’t need
Unless you’re planning on using the bathroom every 45 minutes over the next three months, you probably don’t need that 55th roll of toilet paper. While it pays to be prepared, overcompensating to guarantee your own comfort probably comes at someone else’s expense – specifically, your neighbours living paycheque to paycheque, or on pensions or disability schemes.

Above all, be good
Thankfully, there are infinite ways to show kindness in your day-to-day life. Whether you provide a service for someone in need, give a random gift to someone doing it tough or offer your metaphorical shoulder to cry on, we challenge you to do one kind thing every single day until this madness is all over. And don’t forget; even though it feels like it, the world hasn’t actually stopped. There are still countless organisations, charities and support groups changing the world for the better in thousands of ways, who will struggle while the world’s attention is on COVID-19.



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