Life can be full of pressure, pressure, pressure. We can often feel like a pressure cooker steaming and under pressure to fully cook. Sometimes we even pop when the pressure gets too much.

If your life is not a pressure cooker, maybe it could be described as a washing machine?  Open up the door, get inside, click on the wash cycle, wash it all about, push and pull, up and down and around and around (makes one feel dizzy and out of control). Next comes the rinse cycle and we are dumped on and drowned. Then the drain cycle (oh, how draining can things be, we feel it, we walk it and even talk it at times). Then there is the spin cycle where we are squeezed, we are spun and we are spat out at the end. We feel exhausted.

When was the last time you took the time to stop, be silent and still for a moment? When did you last celebrate all you had in life, instead of comparing, striving for more, blaming and complaining? When was the last time you really took stock of where you are?

When we operate from a very high-speed place, it’s often difficult to feel ‘the moment’ or the joy it brings because we are too busy being busy. We feel pressured to cater to the family needs and responsibilities of being the best parent we can be, to being the CEO of the household, taxi driver and much more. Interestingly enough, we look for things to do to support these roles we have taken on. Parent role, partner role and work role, often forgetting our ‘self role’. We ask ourselves what else can we do and we go around and around gathering momentum and pressure to get whatever it is done. It’s a fascinating learned behaviour.

The space for us to do for ‘ourself’ and put ourselves at the top of the pile appears way in the distance. We can often get headaches, mood fluctuations, low motivation, negative thoughts, tasks never being completed and the list goes on. We get cross, crabby and sometimes depressed. Being in the washing machine cycle is all our systems overloaded. Nothing is being received, nothing is being sent and there is no celebration or joy in the moment. We can feel loneliness come tapping on the door, we become down and frustrated, even sad and a little lost. We might start wondering ‘Why me, what did I do to deserve this?’ Anxiety may start to build up and we end up going down the spiral or the plug hole and we start asking ourselves, ‘Where to from here, what can we do?’. Staying locked into this mindset and mulling over these types of questions will lead to more negative thoughts. The knock-on effect or ripple to these thoughts are the attitudes following directly behind them. By continuing on this route we are guaranteed to get sick, cause friction in our relationships, lower our self-esteem and confidence and lose necessary balance in our life. The ripple continues.

Turning things around – to be in celebration of our life instead of struggle – a shift of state is necessary. Like flipping over fried eggs, changing our thinking is very important and the only way to leave the pressured behaviour behind.

Five tips to take time out, celebrate life right now and be in the moment

  • Let other people’s stuff bounce off – let it go, it’s their business. There are only three  businesses: God’s, yours and mine.
  • Take a bath and relax with candles, bubbles (in a glass and/or in the bath), music or a book.
  • Use support people to keep yourself on track. Work with a coach for a couple of hours a month, allowing you to see the big picture and strategise goal-setting plans.
  • Reconnect with your true spirit, with personal development books/movies, understand how the true you operates.
  • Get clear on what you truly want and visualise your day/week/life.

If you want to have something different from what you have right now, you must make a decision right now to do something different. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got. The choice is yours. Your mindset is your responsibility – choose it wisely.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to praise and celebrate.”

– Oprah Winfrey


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Debbie Hogg

Debbie Hogg  

Debbie Hogg is one of Australia’s leading coaches PCC/APC, is an award winning Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Women’s Retreat Master, Writer, Podcaster, Adventurous Hiker and is The Self-Worth Coach. Debbie is passionate in helping women manage their ‘Inner & Outer’ balance. She is co-creator of Life Skills Programs, assisting parents teach children confidence and resilience. Debbie knows that when we give ourselves permission to fully show up in our life amazing serendipities occur! She is mum to two amazing teenager daughters // www.debbiehogg.com