We may learn something new every day, but how long has it been since you dedicated yourself to learning a new skill? You don’t have to take on a bachelor’s degree or enrol in your local TAFE to learn something new – check out these things you probably never knew you could learn.


  1. Salsa dancing is about more than just dominating the dancefloor at your friend’s wedding – turns out, it could be as important for your memory and concentration as calculus.
  2. Languages are a go-to for couples hoping to learn something new that they can share together, but nothing will improve your skills like an immersive talking session – no English allowed.
  3. Golf has long been reserved for retirees, but it’s actually a great way to bond with your other half. You may not become the next Tiger Woods, but you’re sure to be the power couple at your next mini-golf night with friends.


  1. Art isn’t just for the talented – you can totally learn to draw, sketch and paint yourself! Ironlak offers a range of $10 classes at their Chermside and Garden City stores for you to hone your skills under their expertise.
  2. Macrame and kokedama are both bang on trend, but finding one that suits your style and budget can be a hassle. Ever thought of making one yourself? The Craft Parlour at Palm Beach offer classes in macramé, kokedama and so much more.
  3. Making floral arrangements is something you’ve probably thought is best left to the pros. Floristry school is totally a thing and could have you whipping up to-die-for floral arrangements in no time. Is there a more bespoke present than a handcrafted bouquet?


  1. The Sleep Mama, aka Kylie Camps, knows the value of a good night’s sleep. Her program helps parents and babies learn skills like settling, resettling and routine, giving your whole family the gift of an uninterrupted sleep. If that ain’t a useful thing to learn, we don’t know what is!
  2. Astronomy clubs are a great way for your kids to learn all about the universe that surrounds us, and even spot constellations or planets in the night sky. Loads of Gold Coast libraries offer free junior astronomy clubs, so look online to see when one will pop up near you.
  3. Baby massage has plenty of benefits beyond just getting your bub to relax – from reducing the risk of SIDs by boosting their serotonin levels to improving colic and constipation, there are loads of ways you could help your little one by learning baby massage techniques

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” – Albert Einstein



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