Dads are no longer content to be outshone in the glamour stakes by the yummy mummies in their lives, with industry experts reporting a rise in the number of men undergoing both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures – and couples coming in for consultations together.


While it used to be an almost exclusively female-dominated market, the cosmetic surgery industry has reported increased numbers of male patients seeking treatments of all sorts in recent years. A trend for couples seeking treatments together has also emerged.


Among those male patients, some are fathers and husbands choosing cosmetic procedures to keep pace with their younger-looking wives. Some are professional men seeking to maintain a competitive edge in a business world full of younger men. Others simply wish to feel better about themselves.


DEC_AA2Advanced Aesthetics’ registered nurse and injectables specialist Susan Walsh (pictured) says while the ratio of men to women utilising cosmetic procedures is still about 1:30, she has seen a significant increase in male procedures over the past decade and now wives are coming into the clinic with their husbands.


“Those numbers have certainly been increasing over time,” Susan says. “Men of all ages are becoming increasingly aware of their appearance and recognising that there is a huge variety of treatments suitable for men.


“We are seeing several of our female customers, who may have been seeing us for treatments for some time, bring their husbands along to a consultation to enquire about how our services may also benefit him.”


Susan, who is also the Queensland Clinical Trainer for Galderma Q Med (the global dermatology company that produces many of the injectable products used widely in the industry), reports an increase in men aged 30-50 accessing treatments. The most common treatment request? Those used to address wrinkles and frown lines.


“Some men have professional reasons for wanting to address excessive wrinkles and sun damage,” she says. “They are doing business with, or competing against, much younger men, and often believe a prematurely aged face is holding them back professionally. So they may undertake a series of injectables to address that, allowing them to make very subtle changes that have a big impact on their appearance and confidence.


“On a personal level there are many men who – like our female patients – don’t feel their appearance accurately reflects who they are. In Australia, sun damage to the skin results in premature ageing of the face in both men and women, and more and more men are seeking measures to undo this, and turn back the clock somewhat.


“We are also seeing men undertake laser tattoo removal as well as laser skin treatments.”


Susan says the clinic is expecting a surge in the number of male patients in the New Year, particularly with the introduction of Advanced Aesthetics’ expanded menu of available non-surgical and surgical procedures.


Advanced Aesthetics’ plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon Dr Dilip Gahankari says he has also seen an increase in male surgical cosmetic procedures, most commonly rhinoplasty (nose job) and gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction).


Dr Dilip says there has also been an increase in tummy tucks for men, body lifts (after massive weight loss), liposuction and eyelid surgery to address drooping or heavy eyelids.


“As patients become more aware of their options, and the relative ease with which these procedures can be undertaken, we are seeing an increase in men taking up surgical solutions,” Dr Dilip says. “With something like the male breast reduction or gynecomastia, this can be a life-changing surgery for men who have spent much of their adult life feeling self conscious about this area of their body.


“It is rarely talked about, but gynecomastia is a condition that affects an estimated 40-60 per cent of men. In some cases the condition is so noticeable that it may have a severe impact on a man’s self esteem, his personal relationships, sex life, and in some cases, his career.”


About Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre is based on the Gold Coast. The specialist team at Advanced Aesthetics is headed by Dr. Dilip Gahankari, an Australian qualified plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, with more than 21 years of experience. Dr Dilip specialises in minimal scar plastic surgery of the face, breasts and body, being keenly aware of the importance of short scars in modern plastic surgery and is dedicated to delivering a natural look.

Advanced Aesthetics also specialise in laser therapies, including the latest in tattoo removal technology, along with a full suite of skin health and beauty treatments including waxing, manicures, facials and more. Visit www.iplasticsurgeon.com.au or phone 55 39 4611.




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