All work and no play can make you seem like a super mum, but it can also leave you feeling burnt-out and exhausted, and from my experience feeling tired also makes me a grumpy, snappy mum which is no good to anyone!

As your children’s biggest influence it’s important live the life you’d like for your kids and really show them that self-care and having fun is vital to health and happiness.

Do what you love where possible:

Yes, raising a family is very rewarding but the reality is many parents need to, or want to have a career, hobby and even a social life at the same time. Which can leave us feeling guilty.

However, research shows that modelling self-care is actually good for kids because it teaches them how to cope when you aren’t around. It also teaches kids that it’s ok for them to do things that make them happy – and who doesn’t want that?

Be a positive role model:

No matter what you are doing in life you can make a change if you really want to. Show your kids when you are actively working towards your goals, and tell them how it makes you feel when you achieve each step. It will teach them about goal setting, and show them what it’s like to feel a sense of achievement.

Bringing passion and excitement into you home will rub off on your children in a good way and it’s much easier to show them how it’s done that preaching to them!

Look after yourself:

Be a happy person and do something that makes you smile at least once a week. Take a bath, have a massage, see a movie and exercise. Being apart from your everyday life will help you unwind and recharge so you can be the best mum possible!

Get organised:

Just because life is busy doesn’t mean you need to feel flustered. Make a family calendar so you can visually see what everyone is doing each week. This will allow you to plan accordingly, and also teach your kids to organise themselves at the same time.

Katy Ferguson

Katy Ferguson  

Katy began her career as a journalist in Coffs Harbour in 2006. Her work has since taken her to Canberra, Melbourne and the Gold Coast where she now lives with her husband, two daughters and crazy American Staffy. Since having kids, Katy now enjoys life as a freelance journalist for Seven News on the Gold Coast and River 949 in Ipswich. She also writes for haven and scout magazines. In her spare time you'll find her learning to surf at Currumbin Alley, walking her dog around Emerald Lakes and being a part-time taxi driver to her kids!