We’ve all been there. That dress-up party that’s been pencilled into your calendar for weeks is suddenly days – or even hours – away, and you’ve got nothing to wear. Eek.

Dress-up parties can go one of two ways in the eyes of a guest. You either love and embrace the dress up factor and spend ages working on every little detail, or, you can’t decide on a theme, leave it to the last minute and either spend a fortune at the costume shop on the way to the party or (gasp) don’t dress up at all!

If you’re sick to death of the vampire costume you’ve been recycling for years from the back of your closet or if everything else seems too complicated to pull together at the eleventh hour, fear not! Whether the party is for you or your kids, we’ve come up with some easy and fun kids’ and adult costumes guaranteed to look like you’ve put more than 10 minutes of thought into them.

For the big kids

  1. A mime. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a black and white stripe top, so all you need is some white face paint and a red scarf. Use some black paint to illustrate around your eyes and create sharp black brows. The perfect costume for those who don’t like small talk.
  2. Derek Zoolander. Reuse that black and white face paint and become the most iconic, hot-right-now male model. A spikey wig, black and white head tie and a blue steel pout are all you need for this hilarious costume. Bonus points for finding your Hansel!
  3. Where’s Wally? Put that red and white stripe shirt to use as Where’s Wally! The best part? There can never be too many Wally’s at the party and everyone will be happy to find you.
  4. Error 404. Simply write or print “Error 404 – Costume Not Found” onto an old white t-shirt and become the well-known (albeit frustrating) page we’ve all seen before.

For the little kids

  1. Bag of jelly beans. Get a clear garbage bag, cut out some arm and leg holes and fill it with small multi-coloured balloons. Tie a ribbon around the neck opening and write up a nutrition chart on the back for extra detail.
  2. Minion. Any fan of Despicable Me will be happy to hear how easy a minion costume is. Simply grab some overalls, a yellow t-shirt and a yellow beanie. You can add Gru’s supervillain logo to the shirt and big minion eyes to the beanie too.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Who knew you could make a TMNT costume out of things from around the house? A laundry basket can be sprayed green to make a shell and you can make an eye mask out of an old sheet or t-shirt. Get that green t-shirt you used for the crocodile costume and add a brown vest if you fancy. Cowabunga!
  4. Little Red Riding Hood. Simply grab a piece of red material and wear it as a cape, add a basket filled with goods for Grandma and you’re done. Easy.


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