Take a look at the Well Nourished Lunch Box Challenge – an evolving initiative aiming to change the way kids eat at school.  More and more studies are confirming grave concerns for the health of this next generation. I know by working together we can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our kids and the kids they grow up with – one small step at a time.


I’d love you to join me and a growing group of parents committed to making a difference and share the idea with your school or classroom so we can get more kids off  processed food, and onto food that feeds their brains and bodies in a much healthier way. This results in better immunity (so less sickness being spread about) more focus and calmness – I don’t know any parent that is not all for that!


A common goal

This is a group initiative. One thing I’ve learnt from my own kids is that they like to fit in. Sadly packets of nutritionally void, processed foods have become the ‘normal’ thing to pack in school lunch boxes. This is disastrous, as rapidly developing little bodies have a much greater nutrient requirement than adults, which means that every mouthful needs to count nutritionally, including school lunches and snacks.


So the aim here is, step by step, to change the contents of your kids’ lunch, along with their peers until ‘healthy’ is ‘normal’.  Imagine the positive effect that this will have on not only their health, but their concentration, focus and overall learning environment.


On the whole, todays kids are over-fed and under-nourished. Change begins with each and everyone of us.  So let’s begin together…


How the Lunch Box Challenge works


My role

Every Friday during school term in my newsletter and social media pages, I will share tips to improve the contents of your kids school lunch for the following week.  It will include:a food group of the week so that you can join forces with your group and have a group focus.  Extending the variety of foods kids are willing to eat is so important.

  • a list of foods within that food group from which your child/children can choose one, or more to include the following week. Aim to choose one small part of the challenge, and just focus on one thing at a time.  I will offer lots of information, but this challenge is about making small, incremental changes.  If you try to change too much at once, you risk both you and your child becoming disheartened. You might even like to liaise with their friend parent/s and perhaps synchronise their lunch box contents, up to you.
  • tips and suggestions on how to include it and to make that food more appealing.
  • fun age appropriate marketing tips to convince your child/children it is worthy (junk food companies market to our kids with great effect, you may need to do the same, I’ll show you how).
  • I’ll also try to include recipes or links to recipes where possible.


Your role

  • Step one – Recruit. This challenge can be as big or small as you want it to be, but the more people on board around your own child, the more exciting and successful I believe it will be. If possible, recruit the parents of kids your child sits and eats with at school or even the whole class. Better still, the whole school (I’m not afraid to think big)!
  • Step two – Plan, Pack and Persist. Each week I’ll be helping you with the planning and packing. When planning your kids lunch, get them involved. You might like to co-ordinate part of their lunch with a close friend. Pack their healthy lunch or help them pack their own. Every week may not be a success and you should expect that there will be times when good food, comes home un-touched. But you owe it to your kids no matter how resistant they are, to persist, broker deals, develop a reward system or do what ever is right for you and your family and never give up.  You persist in teaching your kids to read and write, so please persist with the real food that sustains and maps out their health future.
  • Step three – Share  your feedback, challenges and success stories by posting a comment below each weeks tip. This is a valuable step in the process, as your feedback and experiences will help me to evolve this into an amazing initiative and your sharing will undoubtedly help other parents too.
  • Step four – Celebrate that we are making a difference. At the end of each term I’ll have prizes thanks to the wonderful team at Biome and Yum Box, for a couple of lucky participants.  It will be randomly draw from the comments received each week (from that term).


Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime.  For more details visit www.wellnourished.com.au/lunch-box-challenge.


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