Most parents despise packing lunchboxes, every.single.day. But there are a few saviours that make it fun. Check out these products that will inspire lunchbox creativity from the first day of school 2020, to the last.

  1. Yumbox Original in Sunburst Yellow (available in various colours), $39.95, www.minihippo.com.au 
  2. SoYoung No Sweat ice pack in Orange Fox (available in various designs), $12.95, www.biome.com.au 
  3. SoYoung insulated lunch box in Wee Gallery Nordic (available in various designs), $36.95, www.biome.com.au 
  4. Wrap’d wrap holder in blue (also available in yellow, pink, purple and aqua), $19.95, www.minihippo.com.au 
  5. Sunnylife kids lunch tote in Jungle (also available in ‘BFF’), $12.95, www.mamjo.com.au 
  6. FunBites food cutter in yellow (available in various colours), $14.95, www.minihippo.com.au 
  7. Penny Scallan Dino Rock stainless steel water bottle (available in various designs), $19.95, www.myer.com.au 
  8. Yumbox Zuppa in Neptune Blue (also available in Bijoux Purple), $35.20, www.minihippo.com.au 
  9. Ever Eco round pastel nesting containers, $28.95, www.evereco.com.au 

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