5 day trips that rock

Now, more than ever before, is the perfect time to discover (or rediscover) your neighbourhood and become a tourist in your own town. To help, we’ve curated a series of (locals’ view) guides to some of the Gold Coast’s top spots, providing you with the ultimate inspiration for summer fun with the family. In this guide discover places to eat, play and shop from Sanctuary Cove to Coolangatta.

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The Gift Guide 2020

What a year 2020 has dished up for us. From bushfires to floods to a global pandemic! If there’s one thing that you should be putting high on your to-do list this month (and in 2021, and always for that matter ), it’s supporting a small local business. You see, many of these businesses have been hardest hit by #allthings2020 and they are also the businesses that make the Gold Coast the unique and vibrant destination that it is. So, while there are many Christmas Gift Guides doing the rounds right now, this guide is the one you really need.

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Spring 2020

Welcome to our new look haven magazine! Before you get too excited and flick through the pages to follow, thank you for sticking with haven – we’re stoked to see you here and be able to share our new look with you! We are delighted that in these wild covid times, we found a way to continue to share family, life and style with you. Take a moment to read our ‘how to’ so you can enjoy this technology and welcome to the home issue of haven, spring 2020.

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Autumn School Holidays 2020

As corny as it sounds, watching the kids grow up is parenthood’s payday. Seeing them find something that makes their heart sing – whether it’s academic, sport or creative – it’s a great journey and we get a front row seat. I do wish someone told me the tween/teen years are a lot more work for us parents (kind of like how no one tells you how much it hurts when your breast milk comes in!). What changes you ask? More driving, more worry, more homework, more food, more socialising, more shopping, more nagging (because they still need a reminder to brush their teeth!) and more trust…

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Summer School Holidays

Hello summer vacay! Another year is drawing to a close, and honestly, I feel like I’m running on fumes. It’s time to stop, slow down and regroup before this new decade begins, and hopefully get a healthy dose of vitamin ‘sea’ while I’m at it. The downhill slide into Christmas feels like more of an uphill battle, but the thought of a few weeks off is getting me through. This summer, you’ll find me on our annual camping trip, reading loads of books, taking extra long walks and sipping cold drinks on hot afternoons. I’m excited by the prospect of not knowing the day, or even the time.

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It’s Silly Season! As if I didn’t have enough to-do lists on the go, after flicking through this edition of haven magazine I am now feeling totally amped and ready to start another one:  Dear Santa …” – ha! You’ll be feeling the inspiration too as you read on and discover haven’s 100 gift ideas for your family. It’s our biggest gift guide ever (EVERRR – just ask our editorial and creative team who put this beast together!). The ideas in here will no doubt get you super excited to start shopping or, at least, inspire you to start making a list of which of your children has been naughty and nice!

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Spring it on

Spring is in the air! I adore this time of year. The temperature rises, the flowers bloom and we escape a mild winter’s hibernation to get out and about more. This glorious change of season creates the theme for this edition of haven magazine – getting back into nature these spring school holidays! Let us inspire your family to get active, try something new and embrace nature. Nurture your nature-loving family with some animal play this season or get your craft on making flower crowns. Spring school holidays are here and what an epic events calendar to explore!

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Your Party Bible

Let’s talk parties, people! Welcome to haven’s annual party edition. We’ve thrown a little sparkle on our pages and hope you can take away one piece (there I go – already thinking about cake) of inspiration and nail your next party. This one is for the kids because I can start my own party simply with a cheese platter and cocktail any day #easytoplease Maybe gathering the neighbours’ kids over for a piece of cake after school is your thing? Or you want to host your own Coachella-inspired ‘Kid-Chella’ party (yes, that’s a thing too!)? Maybe you want to keep calm and pick a venue that’ll do all…

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Winter School Holidays 2019

Hello winter! I hate being cold so I’m trying my best to rock socks and sneakers with most outfits. My skin also seems to scale up overnight in winter – I can’t be alone in that, can I? While winter isn’t may fave season, I’ve enjoyed having the slow cooker on high rotation, craving warm hearty foods (I hope my activewear still fits come spring!). I am OK with wearing ugg boots, cardigans and flannel PJs. And I’m TOTALLY loving the fact that I can put my pyjamas on at 4.30pm just as it’s getting dark #nojudgement.

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Easter School Holidays 2019

I feel like I just caught up on my gnarly to-do list after the big summer vacay and here we go again for a second round – it’s school holidays AGAIN! But, we definitely aren’t complaining. At least there’s some welcome relief from the heat in autumn and, hello delicious Easter eggs! If your house is the same as mine, there’s a legitimate need for us parents to help our kids consume the mountain of chocolate they will no doubt receive over Easter. Yes, do them a favour and take one (or 15) for the team 😉 This year has certainly started like a rocket launcher – are you feeling it too?

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Kickin’ Goals 2019

Welcome to our first edition of haven magazine for 2019! I don’t know about you but the summer vacay already seems a fading memory as I type this letter poolside at swimming lessons (in my work clothes, sadly – not bathers). Yes, people, we’re back to school and back to routine, which I’m loving, but I must admit I’m fumbling through the week and not as organised as I’d like to be. February is realistically my ‘New Year’. I am trying to remember this as my to-do list hits a new page record and I get the guilts flicking through so many empty pages in my brand spanking new 2019 diary.

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Summer Holidays 2018/19

That’s it… Lunch boxes down, people! Yes, parents, it’s finally time to step away from the daily grind of school runs, homework, washing uniforms and more. We are done for another year. I am not sure who’s more excited – the kids, or me? Hello summer holidays! Sure, our intentions are always positive as the school holidays start. Throughout the working year, I’ve missed the kids, the freedom to sleep in, to explore on random day trips and basically just let the days organically roll on. But, then I’ll hear the words “I’M BORED!”, they’ll start fighting with their siblings, the budget will blow out and…

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Celebrate 2018

We’re not sure how it happened either, but the year-end party season is imminent! Yes, that’s right. It’s time to take note about who has been naughty or nice, while adding a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe and embracing those dates in your calendar where you have nothing booked (tip: block out some dates now for the family to rest!). Love or loathe the festive time of year, there’s no getting away from it. We have put a our own spin on Silly Season in this edition of haven, adding loads of gift-giving ideas and party planning tips to see you through this busy social time.

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Spring 2018

Welcome to our latest edition of haven magazine, blossoming with stories to celebrate a new season and the spring school holidays! A new season sprouts a new beginning (thank you Mother Nature) and for me this entails a bit of spring decorating at our beach shack, kick-starting a new fitness routine while my shoulder injury heals and maintaining an organised fridge #houseboss I will take some time off with the kids to play these spring school holidays – hopefully we will take it slow, soak up the beauty of the new spring flowers, take in some flicks and enjoy a good picnic.

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August 2018

How adorable are all the pets on our cover! A big thank you to all the amazing readers who took the time to share their pets with us – we felt the love you have for your animals and just how proud you are to show off your fur and feather babies on this issue’s cover #braggingrights What is it about pets that send us all gooey, like when we see a baby? Sure they’re cute and sometimes cuddly, but gosh they can be a lot of work. I used to like pets and wanted one of everything – and then I had kids. Ha! Once you’ve finished reading through all our helpful pet-inspired articles in this edition…

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July 2018

Live and learn. It’s that saying that rolls off my tongue when I make mistakes. I even say it when I nail something that I can attribute to experience (ummm, yes, I’m also another year older this month!). I say it to my kids when they stumble on a life lesson and remind them that making mistakes are all part of learning. Yes, life is a continuous lesson and Business Insider Australia states that “Peak ability to learn and understand new information occurs around age 50” (thanks Google, it’s not downhill from here!). So, in this issue we share the knowledge and celebrate learning for all ages.

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June 2018

A never ending ‘to do’ list and a mind that never turns off to business ideas – that’s the reality of my career. It’s been a decade for me as an entrepreneur and my goal has always been to create a business that fits around my family life and raising three children. Let’s face it, school life doesn’t mesh well with full time corporate life easily. I’ll also admit that I’m not the cookie-cutter stay-at-home mum (I salute you guys, though!), so I feel like I have created the flexibility to support my kids yet still fulfill my ambition and career goals. Some days you’ll find me working on my laptop at the…

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May 2018

Oh mama! As we head into the month of May, we celebrate motherhood in its many different forms. Young or old, sporty mum, working mum, stay-at-home mum, crafty mum or that mum who hid the paints and playdough – we come in all shapes and sizes and we celebrate ALL of you mamas in this issue of haven! I am one lucky mother to three amazing children and they are the centre of my world. I choose to work around raising my kids with the flexibility of self-employment (… there’s more to that story in our next issue of haven magazine when we talk BUSINESS!).

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haven april 2018 issueApril 2018

Well, Gold Coast, this is your big shot in the spotlight as global eyes feast themselves on our golden shores and millions tune in for all the sporting action of the Commonwealth Games, happening right here – in our own backyard! Us locals have been counting down to the excitement of the Games – we’ve definitely got a bit of sports fever! Personally, my family is super excited to take in a few events and we’ll be waving green and gold around town. Whether you’re in your #activewear as you read this, or haven’t touched your toes for years, read on for some inspiration to manage your…

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haven march 2018 issueMarch 2018

It’s ‘home time’ this month in the pages of haven and with so many topics to talk about (how to decorate, what’s trending, organisation, clutter and, of course, shopping inspo galore) the biggest question you should ask yourself is what makes a home? Is it a feeling or is it a place? Or both? As parents, it’s a pretty big job to create the best home we can for our families. Home is a blueprint of ‘us’ – our space, our style, our memories, our stuff and our safe haven. They say ‘home’ is where the heart is and I couldn’t agree more. You see, I am an expat, having lived in Wales, Canada, Mexico, the Cayman…

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haven february 2018 issueFebruary 2018

Another summer holiday is behind us, and hello 2018! Ironically our first issue this year features back to school and party vibes (not to be inferred that us parents had a big party once we dropped the kids off at school on their first day back #wewish). Instead we’re frantically catching up on all those ‘to do’ lists that built up over summer holidays while we hit the beach, watched movies and made memories with our little people. So let’s party on and find out the latest party trends this year, how to make your child’s next birthday celebration as fuss-free as possible, some rad insta party pages…

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haven december/january 2017 issueDecember/January 2018

Hello summer! It’s the time to farewell another school year and embrace summer holidays! Yay for sleep ins, sandy toes and slow-going day trips. And for some, it’s also time for work, a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) as the kids hit the beach, skate parks and just chill. All while you juggle childcare, your inbox and play date swaps. I don’t know about you, but I get a serious case of envy when the kids are hanging with ‘Disney Dad’ when it’s my day to work. Mind you, my turn always comes. But my days off work usually involve grocery shopping, washing the car and making the kids…

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haven november 2017 issueNovember 2017

Let’s shop! Or, rather, take a whole bucket of inspiration and get out that Christmas ‘to do’ list. Love it or loathe it, people, we have some shopping to do! Luckily the haven team has put together a rainbow of gift ideas you’re sure to devour from books and bags to beauty products and bunnies. We know you are dying to hear what the Number 1 toy is this year, as well. Well, we’ve got that answer in these pages, too. Before you start your shopping planning though, flick to Page 14 for some epic Christmas time management tips. You’ll be so excited you may just pull out your special glitter pen…

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haven october 2017 issueOctober 2017

We’re talking about wellness in this issue of haven and it’s great timing as we regroup and reenergise for the silly season. How ironic that this issue starts off with a beautiful feature about the book ‘Slow’ (it’s so going on my Christmas wish list!) and here we are, racing to make deadline, juggling kids on school holidays, slurping one too many coffees and admittedly I threw in my exercise class this morning to give myself extra time at the office. So let’s get back on track and share some stories on wellness. This issue is packed with expert tips, stellar lessons and loads of giveaways!

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haven september 2017 issueSeptember 2017

Happy Father’s Day to all you ‘Rad Dads’! Parental roles have changed so much over the years and it is no surprise that we see more dads at the grocery store, school drop off, sporting games and parading with the pram. Sure it’s a different mix for every family – we are all unique – however it’s wonderful to see how the traditional parenting model our parents held has evolved over the years to show more equality. Spring has sprung and we have school holiday fun this month! Will you be road tripping, going overseas or enjoying the beach as the warmer days embrace us?

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haven august 2017 issueAugust 2017

Right from the time, late last year, that we brainstormed the idea for our August “I am Tween” edition of haven, it was always going to be a theme that was right up my alley. As a mum of three kids aged 12, 9 and 5, hubby and I are currently living the parenting tween dream (not implying there are no challenges!). While our little Mr 5 rotates on his own trajectory most days, his formidable tween sisters are living up to every tween expectation. They love their screen time, are fascinated by the world wide web and while we parents see them still as little kids, they are growing up faster than we…

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haven july 2017 issueJuly 2017

Recently, I took a day out of my working week to drive to Brisbane to spend some time learning with fellow local business entrepreneurs. Last month I also learned how to make a floral headpiece with the haven crew at The Craft Parlour in a fun evening of craft and magazine brainstorming. During the school holidays I’m planning on learning (thanks to YouTube) how to do a Dutch braid – because ‘French’ is “so last year” my nine year old tells me! Yes, even as an adult, we learn new things every single day. Which is why this, our July ‘Learning’ edition, is so relevant.

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haven june 2017 issueJune 2017

I love business like I love chocolate so it’s a delight to share the stories of some bright local business minds in this issue of haven. What a mix our ace editorial team has covered in the pages to follow, from start-ups to international success stories. Like many parents in business, my entrepreneurial passion blossomed after having children and it’s been almost 10 years that I have been a small business owner now. Despite studying business and marketing at college it was a redundancy package that came my way after the birth of my second child that launched me into the world of…

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haven may 2017 issueMay 2017

May. This is the month we annually celebrate motherhood in all her glory. Considering haven is all about family life, it’s only fitting that this issue be overflowing with stories, tips and ideas that will benefit all our beloved mama readers and your respective families. Did you know, the awesome crew that brings you haven magazine are all mothers juggling careers, deadlines, kids and family life as well? We live family and we LOVE it, which is why we feel qualified to bring you this family lifestyle magazine and which is also why we so enjoy the beautiful community of family readers we’ve built…

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haven april 2017 issueApril 2017

It’s the highlight of your child’s year – their birthday party. As parents we hear the elaborate plans months in advance, the invite list grows (and grows) and their gift wish list never ends. It’s an epic day for our little ones – and a very looooooong one for us party executors. Whether you love or loathe the party prep, haven has done the hard work, gathering expert advice and awesome party inspo to make your next party one to remember. It’s not just about the party this issue – we celebrate our ace regular columnists, school holiday fun, great local events, travel, wellbeing, fashion, educatiion…

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haven march 2017 issueMarch 2017

What was your favorite family holiday? Do you like overseas adventures or cruising the local roads? We are certainly blessed for local adventure options so before you plan your next family adventure, whether it’s long haul or a day trip – find your way using some ace tips from this issue of haven. Remember, Easter is just around the corner (yes, that means school holidays again!) so we’ve started uncovering some school holiday ideas, awesome events and travel tips. Be sure to stay in the know and join our weekly dose of haven online for what’s on and other stories.

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haven february 2017 issueFebruary 2017

Love is in the air this month but, to be honest, my affection runs deeper for back to school routines than the day cupid strikes with his arrow (can we all say a big “hallelujah” for back to school!). For many parents we hit our stride now. We all have a bit more freedom and time on our hands to get back to work, goal setting, fitness, ‘me’ time, date nights, ladies lunches and you probably want to clean the house top to bottom now that the summer holidays are behind us. Click to welcome a little piece of haven into your day as we kick off an amazing year ahead…

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haven december 2016 issueDecember 2016

Hello summer! Welcome to our bumper holiday issue of haven full of summer vibes and holiday cheer. The crew at haven HQ are ready to pack away their laptops in exchange for swimmers and sand buckets as we hit the beach, families in tow. But first it’s time to embrace the holiday cheer, save the date for your favourite Christmas carols event, get your final dose of shopping inspo and create a delicious holiday menu for your tribe. We have all that and so much more inside this holiday issue of haven.

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haven november 2016 issueNovember 2016

The crew at haven has done the research on some trendy gift ideas for the whole family, plus sought expert tips from our contributors on how to survive the stress and silliness this time of year traditionally brings. Make those lists, check them twice and get your shopping underway. This edition, we also feature an amazing young local woman, Tamara, who is standing up against bullying via the Kind Campaign. Make sure to also check out “Santa’s Grotto” for some ideas on where to find the man in red to give him your wish list and snap a pic of the kids!

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haven october 2016 issueOctober 2016

Welcome to our ‘Wanderlust’ edition! The crew at haven shared the arduous (yes – we love our jobs) task of wandering near and far to bring you some rad travel tales on wheels, the sea and land. You will find tips on how to pack that suitcase, snacks on the go, hot new travel product picks and our expert columnists weigh in with their travel tips too. To celebrate our wanderlust issue, haven is giving you the chance to get your travel fix with an amazing family holiday giveaway at Novotel Twin Waters. Don’t miss your chance to win five nights at this Sunshine Coast family favourite destination!

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haven september 2016 issueSeptember 2016

Hello spring! We hang up the backpacks this month and take a short break from school runs and lunch box packing to enjoy sleep ins and play dates. Check out our School’s Out guide in this edition for some school holiday inspo! It’s also that time of year when we cherish the rad dads in our lives and give that guy some love this Father’s Day. There are not enough pages in this magazine to showcase all the rad dads we know, however we did get the chance to speak to some pretty cool guys who combine their careers with that most important role of ‘dad’.

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haven august 2016 issueAugust 2016

What a fun issue of haven we have created this month with our “Celebrate” theme! Celebrations are something we all have in common, whether it’s an annual calendar event or even a birthday – we get at least one of those every year. The kids seem to count their years in fractions but us adults tend to just stop counting as the decades stack up! The crew at haven has wrapped up this issue with the latest party inspo, from cakes to event stylists, balloons to birthday party venues and so much more. This is one issue of haven you will want to file away for future reference.

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haven july 2016 issueJuly 2016

We just love learning and it is such a pleasure this edition to share stories that reflect the diversity in education, not only locally in our community but around the globe. From readying kids for big school to ensuring their education prepares them to be a global citizen, we have tales to tell this edition, and way more than just the ABCs. But before you turn the page, check out our front cover! What a huge response we had to our cover art contest. Congratulations to all the talented kids (and parents’ encouragement) who shared their masterpieces with us!

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haven june 2016 issueJune 2016

Brace yourself readers, as we send shivers up your spine with our oh so cool issue of haven! We encourage you to embrace the chilly days and flick to our feature on 15 ‘cool’ things to do locally this winter. Plus we load you up with tips on how to stay well this season, cook for comfort and bust the old wives’ tales about cold and flus. I don’t know about you, but a short winter season makes me cringe when pulling out the wallet for winter clothes. With this in mind, we have nailed the three winter essentials you need this season plus simple ideas on how to style that winter scarf.

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haven may 2016 issueMay 2016

Welcome to our May edition of haven. Please join me in celebrating motherhood in all its glory! Motherhood is the most challenging yet most rewarding role out there and I am so very grateful to be on this journey, sharing it with an amazing family and wealth of friends through the highs and lows. As you read on and devour our feature on the mother of all jobs I hope you feel the love, share the joy and understand the juggle. And remember you have a tribe all around you – we call ourselves mums. May the kids give you some ‘me’ time so you can read on and enjoy haven cover to cover.

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haven april 2016 issueApril 2016

Welcome to our food, glorious food issue of haven and what a wonderful way to start this issue with a beautiful cover illustration created especially for haven by Susy Boyer – isn’t it divine?! It has been so amazing to see haven evolve over the years and we won’t let the traditions of publishing stop us as we soar to greater heights and keep trying new things! Just like food, the palette changes as you grow so dig in and enjoy what we have served up this April. Hopefully you have found a quiet moment to read haven this month as you juggle the school holidays!

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haven march 2016 issueMarch 2016

The kids’ extra-curricular roster is well underway and has sprouted this month’s feature as we ‘Get sporty’ and talk to a crew of talented local coaches who share their tips and insights on kids in sport. As our summer glow fades into autumn, we talk new-season fashion and what a delight to have the uber talented Nat Bass in our fashion pages this issue! We also get set for school holidays (again!) so take some inspo for activities in our School’s Out guide and calendar plus, if you don’t already get a weekly dose of haven in your inbox, join us by signing up on our website.

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haven february 2016 issueFebruary 2016

Yes, there were high fives all around haven HQ this month as we celebrated publishing our family magazine for FIVE years! That’s 57 print issues and well over 2700 pages of storytelling. Now I just LOVE this issue! Sure it feels extra special celebrating a milestone, but this edition is just full of awesomeness! I’m loving the fashion, travel, upcoming events, lunchbox inspo, education tips, personal profiles and all the February/Valentine’s Day love-inspired topics. Maybe now that the kids are back at school, hopefully we all can get our regular date nights on!

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Haven Issue 56 coverDecember 2015

Hello holidays! Bring on lazy days, summer fun, sandy feet and salty hair (and no school runs!) Welcome to our bumper holiday issue of haven. We’ve mixed things up this issue with a new flow to the mag, more fashion, more events, some new style and a whole lot of rad reads. Tell us what you think of the changes you see. This month, get festive and take some tips from some local superstar bloggers in our feature, Bloggers’ guide to Christmas. We’ve also got your Christmas carols line up, heaps of Christmas events and you can take your pick of our school holiday entertainment ideas.

Download our December issue now!

Haven Issue 55 coverNovember 2015

This time of year rocks! It’s social, full of celebrations, gift giving and you can smell the holidays that are just around the corner. It’s officially time to get festive (you can only ignore the Christmas decorations in store for so long). Even Santa has shared some dates in our monthly calendar for when he’ll be appearing around town. If you’re like us and nail your Christmas shopping in one day, then forward planning and shopping lists are essential. Get that pen and paper out as you flip through this issue of haven as we have shopping inspo galore!

Download our November issue now!

Haven Issue 54 coverOctober 2015

We call it silly season for a reason; more socialising, more indulging, plus time really does fly by as our ‘to do’ lists bulge! The crew at haven has put in the hard yards, researching awesome tips and tools to help you catch your breath – before things get wild in our typically busy season. Revive, recharge, renew and take some lush tips on de-loading the ‘busy’ in your lives and letting go, so you can enjoy the buzz of year-end. For those of you with adventurous spirits dig in for some rad ideas on day trips with the family or make it a weekend away if you can afford the splurge.

Download our October issue now!

Haven Issue 53 coverSeptember 2015

We have one bumper issue of haven this September and I can feel the buzz in our community as we kick off spring and events galore. Turn to our monthly calendar, market hub, travel, movie reviews or School’s Out guide to plan your fun this month. It’s that time of year when we celebrate fatherhood and we are delighted to introduce you to some rad dads who have shared their parenting journey with the haven crew. If you are taking the men in your life out for a meal, take some tips from our family dining feature – we know how challenging it can be eating out with the kids!

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Haven Issue 52 coverAugust 2015

Read on and find out how to get your mojo back after baby because let’s face it with all those highs, come some lows. Look after your baby’s mama! And if it’s fitness tips while pregnant, baby’s first foods, retail therapy, styling the crib or how to tame a tantrum we have it covered. Kick off those cash saving tips and get the kids to make (and save for) their show bag wish list as the Ekka and Gold Coast Show roll into town this month. Plus for all you Lah-Lah fans, the big band is in Broadbeach this month and we are giving haven fans a chance to meet and greet the star herself!

Download our August issue now!

Haven Issue 51 coverJuly 2015

It’s time to par-tay people as we have a rad edition of haven worth celebrating – it’s one to soak up and then pop into your party box for year round inspo! Take some tips on how to pep up your party with new décor, recipes and crafts to wow your guests. And we have the goods on parties for all ages, so gather the girls or make it a couples’ night and enjoy some G-rated adult fun! Big news at haven HQ as we have amalgamated our Brisbane and Gold Coast editions to rock one bumper edition of haven each month.

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Haven Issue 50 coverJune 2015

We’re on a health kick this issue and sharing some ace tips to get you through the winter months well and warm! Let’s face it, our southeast winters are quite mild however for any acclimatised local it can be time to pack away the flip-flops and take some tips from our Big Chill feature and get your bods ready for warmer days ahead.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven Issue 49 coverMay 2015

Mum’s the word this month as we celebrate motherhood in all its glory – it’s pretty magic being a mum considering it’s one of the toughest jobs in the world! The pay sucks, the hours are long but the perks are undeniably world class. It’s not often we have time to stop and recharge so quickly flick to page 14 to turbo charge your day!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_48_BN_CoverApril 2015

This month – the all-important tips for school holiday fun! Day trips, cooking at home with the kids or if you can find a spare spot we divulge the hottest holiday parks offering some pretty lush set ups – consider this the ‘new’ camping! We go green and encourage you to embrace outdoor play these holidays – the benefits are amazing so why not kick it old school…

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_47_GC_CoverMarch 2015

This issue we tackle some hot topics in the teen scene such as technology and how to find the right balance in your family for screen time vs. real time. How do all these filters and ‘fake’ photos affect our children’s thoughts of body image? Any photo app can shave inches off your waist or take the red out of your eyes so how can you keep it real for them? Plus career tips and more!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_42_GC_CoverFebruary 2015

It’s a fresh year, time to regroup, forge new routines, relationships and rock some goals for the year ahead! And let’s not forget to save yourself some celebratory ‘alone’ time now the kids are back to school. Whether it’s a date day with your partner, hiking with a friend, snuggling up with the latest flick or getting that long overdue hair color – you enjoy – you survived school holidays!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_42_GC_CoverDecember 2014

School is out so whether you travel or stay local for the holidays, we have more than enough options for you to discover and break the sighs of boredom. We share our experience living like kings at Byron plus take tips on how to rock a cartwheel after all these years or stick to teaching the kids in our Lost Arts feature!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_42_GC_CoverNovember 2014

With the end-of-year (and associated parties and break ups) almost upon us, it’s time to take stock. It’s also time to shop so we have tips on how to get the most out of your shopping! Also meet four dynamic entrepreneurs this month tackling the business world while balancing family life and read on for some tips on how you can up-skill or take your own path into business.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_42_GC_CoverOctober 2014

Do we have a super October issue of haven for you! Here at Haven we celebrate family life – which starts with baby. So this month we take it back to the beginning, that small wonder that changes our lives forever. Tips on decorating for baby, hints on finding your happy place as a family and expert advice to get your mojo back plus work it with baby in tow!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_42_GC_CoverSeptember 2014

September means it’s time to celebrate rad dads! And no you don’t have to be an 80s child to appreciate the word ‘rad’. Or dads either. You’ll also discover why you should rock out (the benefits of music), find out why it’s ripper to be a nipper and encounter some awesome comps to win some groovy giveaways!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_39_GC_CoverAugust 2014

One of the most stressful parts of parenting is party planning! There’s so much to think about and so much to do. But cast your fears away – it’s time to celebrate because we’ve got you covered this month with tips, hints and competitions to win your own parties in an array of different locations! Plus all of our regular columnists of course.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_39_GC_CoverJuly 2014

It’s all about being active this month! So it’s a good time to focus on real life #NoFilter! Courtney takes a look at sports, Debbie writes about intuition and if that wasn’t enough we also cover toddler food tantrums and first aid for first-time parents. Plus we have an art project that totally rocks, great tips on scenic bush walks, a decadent (healthy) chocolate recipe to mix up!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_39_GC_CoverJune 2014

Do you have problems with sleep? If so you cannot miss both Courtney and Cassi writing about it (and not because you’ll doze off reading them). Debbie asks what the point of worrying is, Anthony is thinking about pets and we look at the impact of the performing arts on our children. And much, much more.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_38_BN_CoverMay 2014

This issue we applaud all you mamas out there and with only one day in the calendar year designated for mums, make sure you make it awesome! Take advantage, celebrate motherhood! Power walk, pour yourself a wine, picnic, indulge at the spa or book a night away and order room service! Take some time to celebrate you, your achievements, your little people and the ace job that you do every day! Happy Mother’s Day.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_36_BN_CoverApril 2014

The wonder years! This month we’re looking at teens and tweens and how we get through the years that parents often worry about the most! We look at a variety of topics including technology just in time for the school holidays. With technology changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up but we need to as our kids our becoming more and more dependent upon it.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_36_BN_CoverMarch 2014

Summer is drawing to an end (despite the heat suggesting otherwise) but this issue is hot, hot, hot! Courtney looks at camping and glamping, Fe looks at stress, Anthony struggles with one of his daughters experiencing first love and we look at getting bleached (not what you think – this one involves dinosaurs and a million activities for your kids).

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Haven_35_BN_CoverFebruary 2014

We love a fresh start and the energy that comes with all those ideas that surfaced over the holidays. Hopefully you had time to recharge over the holidays. As nice as it is to have a blank canvas, new digits and crisp pages in your diary to start the year – you can make a change or a goal any time and I hope this issue of haven gives you the inspiration to do just that.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

cover_33December 2013

With Christmas almost upon us, don’t miss out the latest (and one of the greatest even if we do say so ourselves) issues yet! If you’d prefer to read digitally then we suggest downloading in PDF format now! From all of us here at Haven HQ, we hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday period with your family!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

cover_33November 2013

Another wonderful issue full of fascinating articles, hints and tips. Read the latest about raising confident kids, laugh at kids asking questions that aren’t easily answered and check out the latest of what’s happening in your area. If you’d prefer to read digitally then we suggest downloading in PDF format now!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

cover_32October 2013

We’re cooking with gas now! An amazing bumper issue packed with interesting articles, great tips and even a few laughs! We talk about pets, puberty blues and fluids and smoothies (very important with this hot weather). We also have a look at Down Syndrome as October is a month of increased awareness. And so much more!

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Cover_31September 2013

September brings with it Fathers Day so of course we have a lot about Dads this month. But it’s not all about the XY chromosone people – we’ve got some fantastic features on food (‘Assassins in the Aisles’ & ‘Simple Is Super’), a great read about patience (a concept I vaguely remember) and Couples Therapy.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane issues available now.

Cover_30August 2013

If you’re planning a kids party then you need to get a hold of this issue. Plenty of planning tips as well as some ideas on how to create party food that is actually good for you. Yes, it IS possible! Jeni tackles ‘The Equation For Life’, Fe shows us how to undertake a ‘Kitchen Detox’ and Anthony looks at speaking baby talk to our little ones. Plus a great read on bullying and much, much more!

You can read most of the features here on the site but in case you want some portability you can also download it now!

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