Looking after the most important person –  you – is the most significant thing you can do or your family’s wellbeing. Here are some easy, yet powerful ideas for your family’s wellbeing. Here are some easy, yet powerful ideas from havens resident food guru and naturopath Georgia Harding.


I’m a mum and, as such, fully understand the demands of the toughest job of them all! I’ve been both a stay-at-home mum and a full-time working mum and both roles have their challenges. I’ve also been pretty good at neglecting my own needs, at times, during my almost 12 years of motherhood. My health and sanity have always suffered as a result.


I’m a bit of a ‘work in progress’ when it comes to finding that balance between caring for my family, working and taking time out for myself. I’m pretty good at the first two points, but terrible at the latter. Life is fluid, especially with a tribe in tow, so looking after the mum in me has required a fair bit of flexibility and commitment to do so.


So I have three tips to share with you today that have really help me to be happy, healthy and able to nurture my family to the best of my ability:



If it’s not written down, it doesn’t happen in my world. So I plan my day meticulously (generally the night before), always including exercise and time to just chill out and be present. I also try to have a backup plan. So for example, I like to make two yoga classes a week. But always know that if something pops up during my preferred class time, then I have a third class pencilled in to cover that important ‘me time’.



It’s amazing how many mums I’ve consulted with over the years who make their kids (and often their spouse) fantastic lunches, but don’t eat well themselves at lunchtime. My advice is to either try to set aside a lunch from leftovers from dinner the night before or make yourself lunch when packing the kids’ lunch boxes. Eating a great lunch means your mood and energy levels will be stable and set you in good stead for the afternoon and evening rush.



My most relaxing but revitalising thing to do in a day is to put my legs ‘up the wall’ or in yoga terms ‘Viparita Karani’. I always have this in my schedule for 10 minutes a day (it is also written down) or if all else fails, just before bed. It never ceases to amaze me how this simple position improves my stress responses and energises me at the same time. There are lots of online demonstrations of how to do this simple and restorative yoga pose, so do yourself a favour, put your feet up and notice how good it makes you feel (just don’t do this when you are menstruating).


I believe simple wellbeing strategies are the most sustainable. I hope my three tips help to support and nourish you to be the best mum you can be.


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