Two sisters, both registered teachers, are offering an amazing holistic and unique approach to educating children.


Whole Beings Children’s Collective was founded on the belief that holistic education, which nurtures the child as a whole, is how each and every child should be taught. Sisters Elysia and Nat Keillah began the Whole Beings Children’s Collective journey after a combined 24 years of experience in early childhood, university and postgraduate studies, which left them wanting to be more than just focused on academic tuition.


They turned to their own grassroots beliefs – that the mind, body and spirit of each child should be nurtured and that one doesn’t exist without the other. The sisters believe that holistic approaches not only develop social and emotional resilience, they allow for children to find their own identity, meaning and purpose in life and become the best learners they can be.


“Through connections to the natural world, the community and values such as compassion, gratitude and peace, each child is inspired to be all they can be,” Elysia says.


Whole Beings has just opened up a Gold Coast-first Holistic Education Centre at Burleigh. The space itself maintains a balance of style, design and aesthetics. Whole Beings is also the first specialised centre offering the scientifically proven Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for children. This energy mindfulness technique incorporates acupressure points with psychology and affirmations.


“This self-healing tool has shown amazing results for children, assisting them to become emotionally resilient, con dent and happy. Such a tool shown at a young age is the answer to living a calm, peaceful and mindful life. Whole Beings also offers EFT for adults and is seeing phenomenal results,” Nat says.


“We found from personal experience that being mindful was a great concept that a lot of people look to achieve for both themselves and their children. However, not everyone can meditate in their busy schedules and achieve the benefits of mindfulness,” Elysia says. “This is where we find EFT works so well – it can be used in any situation and only takes 10-15 minutes of your day to see results including stress reduction, self-regulation of emotions, emotional awareness and resilience, more gratitude, inner calmness, greater mental clarity and improved mood. Higher states of conscious awareness similar to those achieved by life-long meditators, can also be attained by those practicing EFT daily.”


Whole Beings Children’s Collective offers daily Pre-Prep (school readiness) programs, school-aged programs, private bookings, EFT circles, holistic nannies, special events and playgroup.


Visit www.wholebeingschildrenscollective.com




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