Education is one of the most important things in the world. This from the girl who spent way too many years at university and came out with three degrees that might not be worth much more than the paper they were written on. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

My young little man Jaxon is heading o to school next year. It’s amazing that the time has gone so quickly. It feels just like yesterday that we were welcoming him into the world and now its like we are getting ready for him to take his rst real steps by himself.

I’m already freaking about the first day but not so much for him – I know he’ll handle it with grace and humour and excitement. He’ll make some cool comment and run o when he sees something to play with. I however, will be a mess. There’s something very full on about seeing your little person in a school uniform, slightly overwhelmed in the fabric and the hat. I figure, I might do some dress rehearsals before the big day to kind of calm myself down before the public show. Dress him in his uniform and send him o to the lounge room, whilst I try to keep my weeping to a minimum.

I want the very best for him. Every parent wants that for their child. And the choice of school is always a big issue. I’m sure the questions started just after he was born “Have you put his name down at Such-and-Such School?” and “Will he be going private or state?” and “Do you have a school in mind for him (gesturing towards the three week old)?”. I’m pretty sure I have friends who put their foetus’s name down at an in-demand school here on the coast!

My dad was a teacher. He’s one of those old-school ones with the long white socks and the shorts. He wore his keys on his belt and I’m sure many boys remember him from their teenage years, and not in a good way! But he gave me some advice the other day, when the conversation about education came up. How will you know now what your five year old needs? There’s no way to know what he’s going to love, succeed or struggle with until he finds that himself. Spend time with him, not money, until he sorts out where he wants to go in the world. And then decide where to send him to flourish. Your role as a parent is to watch where he needs to go and send him there, not send him somewhere and see if he needs to be there.

So, I will breathe deep for the next six months whenever I think of letting his hand go on Day One. I will brace myself, knowing that he’ll be ne, we’ll be ne and I’ll be ne. And I’ll try to remain calm when I think I’ll have to do it all again in ve years’ time with our second boy!

Moyra Major

Moyra Major  

Moyra has been a familiar voice on Gold Coast radio for over a decade. Throughout her career in radio she's had the pleasure of interviewing people from all over the globe and has even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA. She loves speaking in public, whether it be through the radio or in front of an audience. But she wasn't always very good at it. Moyra finetuned the skill, starting her own business, Major Confident, in 2015 to those like her who struggled to face an audience // www.majorconfident.com