As we quickly propel towards our second child’s first birthday, the mistakes we made for our first child’s celebration are smacking us in the face.

Who was the day for? Him, us or everyone else? Why did we make such a hullaballoo for a cutie who couldn’t walk yet? Why did we make, print and fold individual Party Packs for each guest, of which there were close to 100? Why did we attempt to make hamburger-looking cupcakes, complete with three different frostings (tomato sauce, mustard and lettuce)? Why did we think it was ok to cook hundreds of batches of french fry-looking shortbreads? What was the thinking behind taking all of that, and much more food, to a park and not bring extra chairs? And why didn’t we get there several hours earlier and lie down on top of one of the benches to claim our spot, instead of being left willing other families to leave.

We were so “party mad” that we didn’t realise that Jaxon had no idea what was going on and was more interested in the burning candle on the cake than the weeks of preparation that went into the day. But the day was lovely, it was sensational, and it was great to see his godparents working like a conveyer belt putting together the Party Packs after time ran out.

Thinking back though, I’m not sure if I even spent that much time with Jaxon on the day, due to the fact I was up to my ears in frosting. But this time round its going to be different – we’ve learnt and we are planning small and easy. It’ll be at home, just family, simple, no stupid hamburger cupcakes and no stupid shortbread french fries. But to be honest, I do feel a little sorry for Eli.

He’ll look back at the photos in years to come and notice a striking difference on the celebrations. He’ll see the handmade Party Packs and the size of the Jaxon’s cake and probably wonder what happened to his. He’ll probably question the size of the crowd singing him Happy Birthday, why was his half the size? Or he’ll wonder who the hell some of those people are.

Instead, I will cuddle him all day, whilst ordering pizza. I will help him open his presents in the middle of the lounge room floor. I will chase him as he crawls through the house, whilst unpacking the store-bought cupcakes. I will happily rock him off to sleep and then pop a champagne, because we got through the day without three types of frosting under my fingernails.


THE BIG Q… You’ve been invited to an adult friend’s dress-up birthday party and there are no restrictions on costume type. What is your chosen dress-up and why?
My go-to outfit is always a Ghostbuster. We purchased the suits a couple of years ago. They’re like large onesies and even have a blow-up proton pack! My sons think I look hilarious!

Moyra Major

Moyra Major  

Moyra has been a familiar voice on Gold Coast radio for over a decade. Throughout her career in radio she's had the pleasure of interviewing people from all over the globe and has even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA. She loves speaking in public, whether it be through the radio or in front of an audience. But she wasn't always very good at it. Moyra finetuned the skill, starting her own business, Major Confident, in 2015 to those like her who struggled to face an audience // www.majorconfident.com