Meet Alicia Drake, mum to son Henry (almost 2) with husband Steve. Alicia is Owner and Trainer at KANGATRAINING GOLD COAST.




Tell us about your business/current role?

KANGATRAINING GOLD COAST is a postnatal fitness program that combines abdominal and pelvic floor restrengthening, standing endurance and dance-based cardio exercises.  The program is perfect for new mums because is actually takes into account that your body changes during pregnancy and childbirth! The great thing is you don’t have to wait until your baby is asleep or quiet before working out. KANGATRAINING GOLD COAST offers a safe return to exercise to improve overall fitness while your baby relaxes and enjoys being close to you. We combine our workout with babywearing, so no more crying babies in prams!


Where did the concept for this come from?

The concept comes from Europe where KANGATRAINING is huge! It is a program developed in Europe by Nicole Pascher. Thousands of women ‘Kanga’ in Europe every week, and the concept has grown across Australia in the last two years with classes now being run in every state. The idea stems from Kangaroo Care, whereby mums and babies benefit from being close to each other. The name ‘Kanga’ draws on Winnie the Pooh, and the Kanga Joey, who lives in his mama’s pouch.


What’s your business background?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Midwifery, and in my previous career I worked in event sales and business development within tourism and hotel settings. I love that I can now combine my love of working with people (which drove my previous career) with my passion of women’s health, babies and exercise.


Who were your mentors along the way?

Definitely Sarah Tarrant; she is the Kangatraining Australia country leader and I couldn’t have brought Kangatraining Gold Coast to where it is without her!

I also need my husband to keep me grounded, when things get overwhelming, he is always the one that gets me through it.




What time does a typical day start for you?

About 7am.


Who does the cooking and cleaning at your house?

I am definitely the cook at home, but I love that. My hubby and I share the cleaning.


If you have 10 minutes to yourself, what do you do?

Have a cup of tea or water my plants.




What do you do for childcare?

Henry goes to Little Apple Tree in Bonogin, they are amazing! I was so fussy choosing a childcare setting that worked for me and for Henry, and I couldn’t be happier with the centre.

We also have an amazing support network; grandparents are amazing beings!


Does Henry do many extracurricular activities?

We do swimming, and try to make the most of the Gold Coast City Council activities for kids, like Small Sports and Craft in the Park. Like most two year olds, Henry still has a pretty short attention span, so we do a lot of fluid play.


What do you do for fun as a family?

Our favourite thing to do is get a coffee and then as a family go for a stroll along Nobby’s Beach or Burleigh with Henry on his ride-on. There is always such a good vibe about and it’s nice to put our phones away and just relax a bit. In summer it is definitely the beach!




What is your favourite thing to do for date night with your partner?

Dinner dates! I love trying out all of the amazing restaurants on offer on the Gold Coast, there is always something new to try. For date nights it’s also nice to go somewhere where you don’t have to ask if they have a highchair!


What is your favourite Gold Coast place?

Definitely Burleigh, I just love it. No matter how many times I stand on Burleigh Hill, I never tire of that view!


How about favourite place to eat out as a family?

As a family we love BSKT, it has a great play area, and also amazing food and coffee.




Where do you head to when you get time for a girls’ night out?

We aim for a girls’ night out every three months and we always try somewhere different. We make sure we wear lipstick and blow-dry our hair!


What is your best beauty tip for mums?

Keep it simple! There is no need for complicated and expensive beauty regimes. Eat well, exercise and stay hydrated. Beauty comes from the inside out.


Favourite place to shop?

Robina pretty much ticks all the boxes, I will always find something there, but I also love a stroll down James Street in Burleigh, or a trip to The Village Markets, especially if I am looking for gifts.




Must-have parenting tip or tool?

Be organised! Pack the bag the night before so the mornings don’t feel like a rush and you can still get some quality time with your kids before you have to rush off into your busy day.


Can you share any tips on finding the right balance and that juggling act?

Can you share some tips for me? Haha! This is so hard – finding that elusive balance. Being a mummy, a business owner and a fulltime student makes the juggling act a tricky one, but you still have to make time for yourself, so something you enjoy because you can’t be a good mum if you can’t look after yourself.


How do you stay motivated?

I like to set myself a goal, for example at the moment it’s the 14km City 2 Surf in Sydney in August – a goal or an event gives me something to work towards.

My son is also a big motivator; when it gets hard to keep moving, I think about how it will benefit him – be that staying active and healthy, or having a career to support the life we want him to have!




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