She’s mum to two-and-a-half-year-old Tiggy, but Ebonnie Masini might say that her self-named home and leisure label is her real firstborn. Here, we chat all things family life for Ebonnie and her partner Mick, hear her business and get the lowdown on MASINI’s path to success.

Tell us about your business or current role – where did the concept come from, and what’s your business background?

I’m the founder and director of MASINI. I launched it about 9 years ago when I was living in London and then moved back to Melbourne shortly after. It was originally a sleepwear label but over the years it’s moved into more home and leisure. I studied fashion at Melbourne’s RMIT and then worked as a buyer in Dubai and London before I started MASINI. 

What time does a typical day start for you, and what does your morning look like?

We all wake up at about 7am. Sometimes I head to yoga or Pilates, otherwise we all have breakfast together. Mick and I try to take this time to read the news but Tiggy hates it and demands a thousand things so we usually end up turning on Bananas in Pyjamas. After breakfast we go for a walk to get coffees and croissants and drop Tiggy off at day care. Our work day generally starts at around 9.30. 

If you have 10 minutes to yourself, where do you go and what do you like to do?

Lie on the couch and watch Tiktok.

What do you do for childcare?

Tiggy goes to daycare two days a week and has one day with her grandma. The other two days Mick and I split. So basically we both get one full day with her. I LOVE this day. I usually take her out somewhere like the museum, national gallery, zoo or the skatepark.

What do you do for fun as a family?

 On weekends we go out for breakfast together and on Friday’s we do an early dinner out at our favourite Vietnamese or Italian restaurants. 

What is your favourite thing to do for date night, or to eat out with your kids?

Drink wine in the backyard and go to bed at 8pm.

Where do you head when you need a girls’ night out?

Anywhere that serves decent margaritas.

What’s your must-know fashion or beauty tip for mums?

Botox works.

What’s your favourite place to shop?

Asian supermarkets.

Must-have parenting tip or tool?

Never trust silence.



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